Destinations Restaurants


Drove to Geelong to have after work dinner with Kylie, went to Sethro’s Texas BBQ

We were the second last customers before they sold out! Would have been somewhat disappointing had we driven all that way and have it sold out. 🙃

Service was crazy fast. Food was delish.

I had the Texas Brisket Sandwich ($17.00): 150g meat, pickle, onion, cheese, and BBQ Sauce.

David and Kyle had Brisket boxes which came with sides and a “Texas napkin”; which I quickly learnt was a piece of white bread.

Their kitchen looks massive, but they only have a couple of tables in the dining area. Apparently they often sell out at lunch time, and once the day’s cook is sold they pack it in and go home.

Daily Life
Baked Potato
Baked Potato from Vanilla Rose

Stopped in for a baked spud for lunch today. And this time I bought my cupcakes before lunch. Last time while I ate my lunch all the delicious cupcakes walked out the door. Wasn’t going to let that happen again.

This week I got sour patch kids and nerds cakes. 🤭

Thanks Carlie and team at Vanilla Rose for making these more-ish mouth morsels, I had to quickly photograph them.

Sour Patch Kids and Nerds Cakes
Sour Patch Kids Cupcake from Vanilla Rose

I freaking love Nerds… (takes one to know one)… such sugary goodness. I should be bouncing off the walls this afternoon.


Granola & Biscuits

Our whole day was taken up with a single meeting in Colac, and our client is the awesome Irrewarra Bakery; makers of delicious bread, granola, and biscuits.

Arriving at their beautiful new bakery we were greeted by the amazing smells of biscuits cooking in the old stables and granola baking in the new kitchens.

And we received goodie bags to take home. I’m torn between eating them, and photographing them (before eating them). Just not sure when I’ll have time to photograph them, but I always have time to eat them. 🤣

It’s great when a brand you’ve been eating for years becomes a client.

Daily Life

Cup Cake Queens

Killing my blood sugar stats today with a delicious cupcake from Vanilla Rose. Well with the spike! 🤭

Thanks Carlie for making such delicious treats!

My doctor would not be happy to see this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯