Windy AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max

We ordered our AirPods Max on the day of the announcement… but they don’t arrive until Friday for the White/Silver pair (David’s) and 2 weeks for the Blue pair (mine). But they actually went on sale today in-store across the country, and I’m sure some folks who got in early online also received theirs today… Continue reading Windy AirPods Max

The Shiny is Mine

Apple Watch Edition & iPhone 11 Pro So, another day, another visit to an Apple Store. This time off to Chadstone Apple Store. Headed out super early in the hope of heading off the queues for phones and watches. Decided to bite the bullet and get the new Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Ceramic. It’s… Continue reading The Shiny is Mine

Apple Day 2019

Upshot of today’s Apple Announcement. The iPhone is ALL about the cameras now. It has three iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s pretty much the only thing Apple mentions on their website. Sure there’s a little bit about the improved battery, and the new processor, but it’s the cameras… Continue reading Apple Day 2019

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3am Wake Up Call

The life of an Apple Fanboy, awake at 3am to watch the Apple event live… 🤭💤 Of course we could just sleep in and watch the replay later… but we’ve been doing this for so many years now, it has become tradition.

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WWDC 2019

Awake again at 3am for another Apple event! This time the keynote of the WWDC 2019. So much cool stuff is coming from Apple. iOS 13 is looking awesome, but MacOS 10.15 Catalina has me more excited. Especially SideCar which will let us use our iPad as an additional screen… AND as a graphics tablet.… Continue reading WWDC 2019