The Final Killjoys

Remember when Game of Thrones ended and everyone was like “Waaaaa” squish squish… (yes I was one of them)

Well an even better show had its final episode today and I’m sad to see it go… 

Farewell Killjoys… you were awesome! Thanks for the entertainment.

Daily Life

Red Whomps

Running sword first at an angry block… I’m loving Link’s Awakening and the visuals in the game. I’m sure they aren’t going to translate well once Facebook compression gets through with them, but it’s a cool game.

Are there any other Nintendo Switch folks out there I’m not friends with? Here’s my Nintendo friend code:

Friend code: SW-4411-8049-3620

Daily Life

The Shiny is Mine

Apple Watch Edition & iPhone 11 Pro

So, another day, another visit to an Apple Store. This time off to Chadstone Apple Store. Headed out super early in the hope of heading off the queues for phones and watches.

Decided to bite the bullet and get the new Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Ceramic. It’s so beautiful!

My Apple Watch Edition Series 5 - Ceramic, shown here with my Pride 2019 woven sports loop band.

This isn’t the band I chose. I didn’t open the box until we were already on the way home and found they had given me the wrong band. I was after the Alaskan Blue Sports Loop, but they gave me the Alaskan Blue Sport Band. So we had to stop in at Highpoint on the way home and swap the band over.

You actually get two bands with the Edition watches. The ceramic comes with a white sports band, with a fancy white stud rather than the stainless steel + a band of your choosing.

iPhone 11 Pro - Green
iPhone 11 Pro – Green – Image by Apple

In addition to the watch, I got me a shiny new iPhone 11 Pro (not the Max version). It has three cameras on it, a zoom, wide, and ultra-wide.

Daily Life

Shiny: Apple & Nintendo

I know I talked just a week ago about all the cool things Apple is putting out, and how I would probably get a new phone and watch because I skipped the last iteration…

However, we’re looking to move into an office in a couple of weeks, and we’ll have some fit out costs, not many, but we need at least one more desk for Yin, some shelving and a few other little things.

If I were going to get a new watch, this is the watch I would like to get… Series 5 white ceramic but at $2,079 it’s not likely to happen yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Ceramic

Update: 17:43

I feel it’s a little classist that the Highpoint Apple Store isn’t stocking the ceramic Apple Watch Series 5. 

Only stores on the east side of town will stock it, when it becomes available. 😓

OK, Yes, I went to Highpoint to see if I could get one.

Link’s Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

In addition to new Apple things… Nintendo also released “Link’s Awakening” today!

I haven’t played any of its previous versions (apparently this is the 3rd, the original in 1993, then 1998 for the Gameboy Color), so I’m excited to have a go at this one. The version of Link in this game is so cute.


Like a Fainting Goat

We have to take Joey to the vet… she has become a fainting goat!

Joey has seizures, has for a while, quite rarely. But the last few days in a row, any time she become a little bit excited she faints very briefly.

The seizures, when she has them, knock her around. She completely passes out and everything lets go (ie she pees and poops), it’s not pleasant. It can take her a bit of time to get back up, for her coordination to return, and sometimes a whole day before she’s back to being herself.

These fainting spells though, she’s down, floppy, but comes back pretty quick, she’s not even really losing consciousness. And she’s up and moving quite quickly after as if it never happened.

I half-joke about the fainting goat, cause she doesn’t actually stiffen up and fall over like they do. But it’s becoming too common now. So off to the vet we go.

She better bloody be OK.

Here's a photo of Sammi, Joey, and Bill resting on their dog bed.
Here’s a photo of Sammi, Joey, and Bill resting on their dog bed.

The Lego Explorer

Making new friends… our intrepid explorer meets his first chameleon. “Oh what big eyes you have!”

Daily Life

Rethinking How We Build

I saw a talk on TED this morning and I got a bit excited about the prospects it holds. It’s by Ged Finch, a guy in NZ who has been looking a different way of building… and his method seems to be like an overgrown Meccano set, but probably a little more sturdy.

Anyway, it looks impressive, and while modelled out of plywood, I got to wondering how this might go if we could use recycled soft-plastics and plastics to make the sheets we then CNC the parts out of. Figuring it would be cheaper to just have one mould for the sheets than separate moulds for all of the components.

But, if I happen to be a sole winner of the $150 million Powerball this week (well sole along with David), I’ll sure be contact this guy and getting in on the work he’s doing.

I imagine even if the process isn’t good enough for large-scale multi-storey building, it could easily be used to produce temporary housing in times of crisis, or as housing for the homeless. The modular, make-once-use-many-times nature of the elements means we could stock-pile the elements for easy action in times of need. It would also make awesome tiny-homes for those who want to do that type of thing.

Sure he’s one of many who are looking into easy-to-build homes and structures, but I like his method more than many I have seen.


Into the Dark

Hulu has a horror anthology series “Into the Dark“, most of the episodes are very well done. It comes from the same studio that created “Paranormal Activity”, “Insideous”, “Sinister”, and “Split”.

Like those, Blumhouse gives the directors free reign when they make each episode so they all have very different feels to them.

Also, the episodes are all 1.5 hours long and often feature well-known actors, making them basically mini-movies.

If you can find a way to get your hands on “Into the Dark” I recommend it thoroughly.