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Our Poor Tree

Image of our tree showing the small growth parts and the rest seems dead.

Our poor tree, last summer it took quite the hit on a very hot few days, and it seems it hasn’t quite made a comeback. 😓

Inside the red circle is the only area on the whole tree showing any growth this season. It seems we won’t see any leaves from the rest.

It’s trying its darnedest to grow leaves wherever it can from this area, some are appearing from the trunk. Others at the tips of seemingly dead branches. Hopefully it eventually comes good.


Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son is a new TV show about chasing serial killers… we’ve seen these before and this one isn’t really new in its premise. But it does bring The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne back to our screens and that’s always a good thing.

From the little I’ve seen so far it’s a little bit Hannibal and little bit Sherlock. Tom Payne’s character is saddled with the fact his father is a famous serial killer, and he displays similarly psychopathy which allows him to get into the mind of the killers.

With a cast including Lou Diamond Phillips, Bellamy Young, Keiko Agena, and Michael Sheen, it has the ingredients to be a great show.

I think it starts showing on Foxtel on November 1; but it can be found elsewhere now with the first four episodes already having aired in the US. 🤭

Daily Life TV

Spicks and Specks Taping

Had a fun evening watching an awesome episode of Spicks and Specks being filmed. I want to go to TV filming all the time, it’s awesome seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

The guests on the show, which won’t air until mid-next year, were Nic Cester (from Jet), Ella Hooper (of Killing Heidi, and the short-lived revival of Spicks and Specks; which wasn’t at all mentioned), Joel Creasy, and Sarah Kendall. 

Other guests were the two Kates from the Katering Show who helped out with one of the segments, and Thirsty Merc who were the outro band playing a version of “Hey ya!” by OutKast. We were sitting in the front row right next to the band, it was loud!

It was funny as, and it will be interesting to see how many of the stories and activities make it to air.

There was Joel’s running long in the Substitute round. The boy cannot sing and his team had a very hard time guessing his songs. 

Then there was Nic’s story about being in a car with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich who got annoyed at their young driver who was told to pull over and was then left at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, thankfully Lars apparently felt bad a short time later and returned to pick the poor guy up and apologise.

On the way out we were given one of the question cards. A very cool souvenir of the night. Ours mentions the change of the millennium, that Adam. Allen, and Myf were actually wearing their original outfits they wore in one of the shows during the 2000s! And a note for them to recreate the pose in the photo.

It was great. Already ‘sold out’, it was free, the final special is being filmed later this week before Adam returns to the UK for his show “The Last Leg”.

A fair bit of TV is made here in Victoria, get out and see some being made! It’s a fun experience.

Daily Life


For the creatives… and everyone’s a creative… (note it has some language that some may not like)

You Can’t Arrive on Your Own Self-Esteem From Other People’s Success | #AskGaryVee 327 w. Renowned Photographer and CEO of CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis.

GrayVee has an interesting take on Instagram’s decision to remove the likes… he mentions that he thinks that IG is just full of Abs and T&A because that’s what gets the like count… and that the thirst for “likes” is preventing people from being courageous and creative because they are scared of not getting the “likes” so they just keep doing what works.


Vale Joey

Joey our little black cocker spaniel

We’ve come to the end of a rollercoaster few weeks. Today we said goodbye to Joey our awesome doggin. It’s been a pretty crappy time of late, but we’ve enjoyed the cuddles, the love, and the laughs she provided us through the years.

We got home last night from a short night out and upon entering the house Joey had fainted on the floor, and she wasn’t good after that. Her breathing was laboured and she was clearly distressed unable to settle. We gave her her medication and it didn’t really do anything to improve the situation.

Throughout today she was listless and remained unable to settle or catch her breath properly, her gums were white and she was unsteady on her feet. There were lots of cuddles, we went and got her some super tasty food, hoping it would perk her up, but to no avail.

In the end, we had to do the right thing for Joey, it was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. The vet we saw was amazing. It’s a bit painful that they can’t tell you if they think it’s the right thing. But after we had decided and signed the paperwork, she pretty much said that she thought it was probably the best decision. She said we could have called the specialists and gotten a new dosages for her medications (something she told us beforehand), but she said we’d likely be back again next week.

I’m wiped our emotionally, but will forever be grateful for the time we had with her. She was the best little dog ever. My life is better for having had her be part of it. ❤️

Daily Life

Grief Creature

I backed Mary Lambert’s new album “Grief Creature” on Kickstarter. She has literally just received her masters back and she has made them available to stream on SoundCloud via a secret link for her backers for just three hours!

Listening to it now, she’s hitting it out of the park. Such an amazing success for a self-published artist with no big name record company behind her.

Mary was picked up by Capitol Records after the success of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” on which she featured. The resulting album “Heart on My Sleeve” is beautiful.

The label was left behind though when they wouldn’t let her make the kind of music/poetry-mixed work that she wanted to make.

Her next EP was “Bold” and it continued her style. I also helped fund this via Kickstarter. I love her stuff.

I’ll be sure to link to her new album once its released. It’s a full offering, 17-track album, her most tracks to date. I can’t wait for the world to hear her new music.

You can watch the first single from her new album “Born Sad” below.


Hard Quiz Taping

Hard Quiz is the only free-to-air TV shows we now watch. We have to watch it on ABC iView as we don’t have an aerial attached to our house. I was very excited to be going.

Before heading into the taping we went to dinner at Saporito Taquito, a great little Mexican restaurant near the ABC Studios that is an Italian restaurant during the day and a Mexican restaurant for dinner service.

The waitress we had was awesome, she explained each dish as it came out, explaining the region of Mexico where the meal originated. The food was delicious

No photos or video allowed in the Hard Quiz taping… it was quite fun. Apparently they are recording enough shows for Hard Quiz to be on every week in 2020 so still plenty of opportunities to go to a taping and see how the half-hour show takes almost 2 hours to make.

I really do love the show. There’s lots of jokes flying around on set. Many of which will likely not make it to air. Lots of awkward pauses, deliberate, for editing. A couple of times where the answer had to go to producers and question writers to see if it’s correct, while they deliberate the audience gets to ask questions.

During times when they were setting up shots, the audience wrangler would ask for questions from the audience. Lots of cool questions and answers. I can’t wait to see the show we went to on TV to see what made it to the show and what ended up on the cutting room floor.

I want to go again!


Flat out like a lizard drinking…

I’m not saying our fat cat is lazy, but she likes to lie down when drinking. She is the queen of leisure. 🤣