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Eli is a bit of a horror movie, as seen on Netflix. It’s suspenseful but not horrific or gory as most modern horror movies seem to think they need to be.

I’ll say no more less it be spoiled for you.

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Zooper Doopers

Public Service Announcement

Zooper Doopers don’t last forever. I don’t know how long the ones in our freezer have been there for, but the expiry date on the packet was 19/10/2016, so at least 3 years.

The syrup had started to separate from the ice and wasn’t freezing, it should have been a sign. I still tried one of course… it was sweet, but not delicious, and now my tummy is a little queasy. 🥴

So check the expiry on your Zooper Dooper packets.

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Have You Met Dabchick?

As a puppet tragic I’ve seen a lot of different times of puppetry in my time, and I’ve known about Dabchick, created by Barnaby Dixon, for a while. But I’ve never really watched his YouTube videos. Having done so now I can say some are pretty funny. 

Barnaby’s videos are a great example of a puppeteer who has the ability to make his creature come alive and to have the puppeteer disappear, even though his hand is clearly in the picture.

If you like Dabchick and want to see more about Barnaby’s creative choices, you can also see his video with Adam Savage where they explore some more of Barnaby’s unique puppetry.

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Mechanical Keys

DASKeyboard Q5

I’m sure David is going to hold it over me for years to come, but I just went and sat at his desk and was typing on his mechanical keyboard and realise it was much easier to type on and I was much faster on it, I think because of the raised keys it’s easier for your fingers to blindly traverse the keyboard, while Apple’s low-profile keyboards, while pretty, aren’t as functional.

So I may look at getting a mechanical keyboard in the future, but they are so expensive, so maybe I’ll let David get a new one and I’ll take his until I’m sure I want to keep using one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Having seen the results of the cameras club’s 6th comp “Flash-n-Blur” I now realise the subject was too hard for many of our members and even for the judge to comprehend. 😓

Love some of the work of our members who embraced the subject matter, but sadly their efforts were not rewarded with scores and awards.

Next year’s themes, which have already been chosen, are much more standard fare.

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Thankyou. is currently running a bit of a hit-piece on Thankyou, the company that aims to donate profits to charity in an effort to help raise people out of poverty.

The article implies there is something wrong with Thankyou because they pay their staff well, have office space in Collingwood, and have paid a bunch for travel for their staff.

Even after revealing that salaries paid are inline with charitable guidelines they imply there is something wrong with the employees being paid well while being a charitable organisation.

It does indeed seem a bit dodgy that their packaging clearly says “We had an idea to make remarkable products and commit 100% of our profits to help end global poverty.” (I read that off the box of Thankyou Soap Bar I have in my cupboard, waiting for my old Thankyou Soap Bar to be used up.

According to the article they only donate 70% of their annual profits to charity, with 30% being held for “good financial stewardship”, which really it probably is. If on July 1 they handed over 100% of what was left in their coffers they’d be pretty hard pressed to have any contingency, especially to deal with underperforming products. So the 100% is if they ever wrap up the company. Plus I guess 100% sounds better than 100% less contingency money.

And it’s not like that other 30% disappears… it remains in the company and will still be in the accounts when the next financial year rolls around. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Thankyou do make good products… the 6.2 million dollars they have donated to-date is $6.2 million more in charity than would exist without them. I’ll continue to buy their products, I’ll continue to support their vision, because if I can get a good product and know that at least some of the money is going to good, then I’m in.

One thing I do think is wrong is also in the article:

“A charity can apply to have certain information withheld from the charity register,” he said. “There are limited circumstances in which the ACNC may agree to withhold a charity’s information from publication, (including) where the information is commercially sensitive and publication could cause harm to the charity or a person.”

It let’s the charities and the churches remain outside of public scrutiny which probably shouldn’t happen.


Great Minds in Lego

This Lego Ideas set is cool… some of The Great Minds and the vignettes work well with the Women of NASA set, though these ones are a bit more fleshed out.

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Dolly Parton’s America

Dolly Parton's America from WNYC Studios
Dolly Parton’s America from WNYC Studios

Listening to this awesome podcast: Dolly Parton’s America. it’s a wonderful exploration of Dolly Parton, her life and her music by Jad Abumrad from RadioLab.

There is also a Dolly Parton’s America companion site.