Daily Life

Herman the Huntsman

So timely for this video from ABC Science. One of these guys has recently taken up residence in our garage, just above the doorway into the house. David is not amused and wants to pull out the bug spray.

Thankfully the little guy is still around. We have a bunch of other little spiders and insects in the garage, so maybe he will help out with them.

The video is also quite funny, and you learn some things about spider mating habits you might not have wanted to hear. 🤣


Yesterday’s Office

This was our office yesterday… we weren’t there to take photos rather to discuss Irrewarra Sourdough’s new website which we are in the final stages of development.

But while there I threw the drone up to see the best vantage points for photography once we do go back to take some photos for them once the landscaping at the front of the building (this is the back) is complete.

The wind was insane in Irrewarra yesterday. The breaks in the clouds you see here were there literally for the time I snapped the shots. It was grey and raining again by the time I got the drone to return to me against the strong winds.

While we were down that way we also visited the vineyards of By Farr Wines and talked with them about their new site and some more photography/videography we need to take for it.

Daily Life

Paper Bag Challenge

Every year at Williamstown Camera Club we have one night on which we have a “Paper Bag Challenge“. The idea behind the Paper Bag Challenge is to do just that, challenge the members to think on their feet and make and image with an item they didn’t know about until they opened their paper bag.

Typically only one member of the committee knows what is in the bag so that we can maximise the fun for all.

After trying out a few ideas, Neil made this lovely peg-lady* ‘Peggy’; Robert and Anthony acted as light stands. On seeing the long shadows I knew we had to go with a “film noir” edit.

The image here “Peggy” is my group’s attempt for the evening. You can see more on the Williamstown Camera Club Website. I think ours was the best through.

I heard rumblings this year that some members didn’t attend because they just don’t like the night. I really enjoy our Paper Bag Challenge nights, it puts us on the spot to make images there and then, working in groups and with brought and found objects. Watching the members work together to make images, seeing all the ideas we come up with and put into practise is very cool.

Massive thanks to Karen for organising our Paper Bags and their contents for last night’s meeting.

**I think Neil has a future in hair dressing, just checkout Peggy’s lovely locks.*

Daily Life

Zach Attack

Why only have one Zach when you can have two!

Captured in Williamstown, Vic

Zach sat his last exam this week and is now done with school, for which he is very grateful. He has another shoot next week to get a model portfolio done, which he’ll start shopping around once he returns from his schoolie’s.

While not “comp-ready” now he was telling us about how he was often “hangry” when preparing for his comp earlier in the year, but it was worth the effort as he took our 2nd place in his division at his first showing. His family was happy when it was over though so happy Zach could return. 🤣


Deep Look: Tarantulas

The videos from Deep Look are insane… short and sweet.

The latest episode is not for the arachnophobes… but is still pretty cool.

Daily Life

AirPods Pro

Making another return to Apple today, but not because I don’t like the product, just because I bought twice the amount that we needed… let me explain…

I wanted the new Apple AirPods Pro… and so we bought a couple of pairs on our business account. When I put the order in they should have delivered on the launch day Thursday… but… business purchases seem to go through another process which delayed my order going through, so by the time my order was finalised much later in the day, the delivery date for the AirPods was pushed out to the 11th November. Well after the Oct 31 date.

So our next plan was to order them through a retail channel and pick them up in store, and cancel our business order before they shipped.

The issue happened when David put the retail order through with pick up in store was the exact same time our business order moved to “preparing for shipment” at which time we could no longer cancel that order… so we had two orders in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Turns out we picked up our retail pairs on the Thursday, the launch day, and our business order arrived on Friday. So it’s these ones that are going back today. We don’t need two pairs.

And for those who worry about losing them, we’ve had the first version of AirPods since they first came out and neither of us have never lost them.

Oh and I love the new AirPods Pro. The active noise cancelling is amazing for such a small device. I put them in and the world falls away.

Apple AirPods Pro in their case
Apple AirPods Pro in their case
Apple AirPods Pro emerging from their case
Apple AirPods Pro emerging from their case
A breakdown of the AirPods Pro by Apple
A breakdown of the AirPods Pro by Apple
Daily Life

Tacos for Breakfast

The Coventry’s Breakfast Tacos

Tacos for breakfast… David is having eggs Benedict which look to be cooked to perfection.

We went to The Coventry for breakfast before hitting up Scorptec for David’s new mechanical keyboard.

The tacos were quite spicy, pairing them with chai tea may have been inadvisable. The day was a little dreary.

South Melbourne Market across from The Coventry

We followed up South Melbourne with a stop in at Kathryn’s to take a look at her computer, bringing along the box of doughnuts you can see above. She was having issues with some of her Photoshop Plugins since she updated to the new MacOS Catalina.

Kathryn just needed the newer 64-bit versions of her plugins and it was all fixed.

We stopped in at the strawberry farm on the way home.

Daily Life

It’s Strawberry Season

Massive strawberries from the strawberry field in our town of Bacchus Marsh

I have big hands, like really big hands, so this is a fine indication of just how big the strawberries at our local strawberry farm are … and full of flavour too. 🍓🤤

I love strawberry season.