Bentwood Fitzroy

I guess Instagram does work for advertising, because this morning we’re at a cafe that David found on Instagram; Bentwood Fitzroy. I started by breakfast with the Nutella Shake, it basically tastes like they liquified Nutella and put it in a glass for me. It is delicious. Accompanying this decadent drink was the Hotcakes: Raspberry… Continue reading Bentwood Fitzroy

The Year 12,020

Kurzgesagt's 12,020 Wall Calendar

It’s hanging on the wall and I can’t wait for year 12,020 to begin.  I’ve wanted to get the Kurzgesagt calendar for the longest time, but they always sold out before I could grab one. Finally it is adorning our walls. Looks like they have now sold out on the US store, but the calendars… Continue reading The Year 12,020

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All These Darn Socks!

In our workplace, we go through a lot of socks.  Our office is our home, at the moment, and we don’t exactly get dressed up and put shoes on to “go to work”, mostly we roll out of bed, go to our desks, and work. Being on tiled floors it’s best to have something on… Continue reading All These Darn Socks!

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Elgato HD60S

Elgato HD60S HDMI Video Capture Device

I recently acquired an Elgato HD60S HDMI capture card device. It’s mostly used for streaming gaming, as seen from my recent streams of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Luigi’s Mansion 3 game play. However, I thought it would be great for capturing the back of the camera when doing “how-tos” for photography stuff. I… Continue reading Elgato HD60S

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Don’t Quote Me On This

I’m probably a very annoying person to be around. I pull quotes from movies ALL THE TIME! Usually in response to a phrase or word. Just a very few of the many, many strange things I say, I can’t even think of most of them off the time of my head, they are triggered by… Continue reading Don’t Quote Me On This

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Baby Yoda

The baby Yoda in “The Mandalorian” makes it worth the subscription fees for Disney+! Of course we know he’s not Yoda, The Mandalorian takes place after the fall of the Empire so the Yoda we know has passed and is now one with the Force. But because we don’t know much about the Master Yoda’s… Continue reading Baby Yoda

Snap Shots Podcast

When I started entering competitions 5 years ago, that was when my photography started to improve. Brett Ferguson, Photographer, as heard on the “Snap Shots” podcast Episode 33. The importance of entering competitions, hearing, and responding to the critique is important in our growth. We all have our Instagrams with its easy “tap tap” *likes*…… Continue reading Snap Shots Podcast

Design Work

Here are some flyers that have just come in for a client. I really like how they turned out. The colours are a little off on this quick photo. I have already adjusted the original file to give the text at the bottom a little more room to breathe when we need to do a… Continue reading Design Work