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Mac Pro or new House, you decide!

So who’s lining up to get a Mac Pro? The “cheese grater”, fully-speced including the screen and stand, will run you almost $100,000, so I’m sure you’re all asking Santa for one this year. 🤓

She is mighty pretty and if I had the cash I’d have been first in line. I can only imagine how awesomely Photoshop runs on this thing, not to mention video editing on it!

In fact, the demos, the specs, the everything about it screams that it has been build with the movie industry and video editing in mind, and well, I don’t do enough of that, nor am I paid highly enough for that kind of work to warrant the kind of spend it would take to get a set up like this on my desk.

You can of course get a much less specced out version for about $10,000 + $9,999 for the screen + $1,699 for the stand for the screen. So a minimum buy is a small car… the biggest is a chunk of a house (or a Tesla).

I think I’ll stick with my iMac Pro with two additional screens for now, which probably still ran us about $10,000.

An older photo of my desk, it’s a lot messier than this right now.

Daily Life

Gratitude Journal

An Antidote to Dissatisfaction by Kurzgesagt

Watch the video above, it may be a great eye-opener into what ails you if you’re feeling melancholy.

But you can’t get their Gratitude Journal yet because it’s all sold out. You can join an email list to be advised when it come back in stock.

I bought one, probably the last available 🤭. Going to give it a go, could have done it with just plain paper but Kurzgesagt’s stuff is so darn pretty so I had to have one.

Kurzgesagt's Gratitude Journal
Kurzgesagt’s Gratitude Journal
Kurzgesagt's Gratitude Journal
Inside pages of the Kurzgesagt Gratitude Journal

I may actually still do it on plain paper… I have a couple of lovely notebooks around in which I haven’t dared to touch pen out of fear I’ll just ruin its beauty with my dodgy handwriting.

Politics Rants

Being a Good MP

My recipe for being a good member of parliament:

  1. Understand that your position is as a representative for the Australian People, with a focus on your local constituency.
  2. Leave your biases at the door; this includes personal feelings and religious leanings (or lack there of). Surround yourself with people who have differing opinions.
  3. With each Bill that comes across your desk ask: How will this make life better for the people of Australia? Seek out those who will be affected by the Bill and hear first-hand their opinions.
  4. No deals! Don’t do things you know are not good for the people because it might get you something else, even if that something else is better for the people. It’s your job to do the right thing by the people and to call out those who don’t want to do the same.
  5. Transparency is key. Open your diary, your expenses, your office. How often are we told by the government: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” While it’s a BS line and the people have a right to privacy, you as a politician are a representative of the people and where your interactions as a politician are concerned you should feel they have an absolute right to know these things.
  6. Get amongst the people. You can’t be a very good representative from atop the ivory tower. Meet with your people often, listen to their opinions and grievances. You don’t have to have answers for them then and there, in fact I implore you to listen more than you talk. People want to be heard. As a representative of the Australian people you also need to get amongst all the people. Visit areas that have issues, see what you can do for them.
  7. Be honest in your interactions. Along the lines of Transparency. Don’t say one thing and do another. If you tell someone you’ll get back to them, get back to them. Own your mistakes.
  8. The future is your goal. Short term wins are not the focus. Too many MPs are there for their term and think only of the now. What will this get for me? Will this get me reelected? If there is a short term win that sacrifices a long-term plan, abandon the short term win for the long term goal.
  9. Understand your position ends when your time in parliament ends. There are no other employment positions where your benefits continue after you leave your place of employment. Work to end continuing entitlements that are beyond those other Australians receive for politicians after they leave office. Our former PMs have gone on to do million dollar speaking engagements, book deals, appointments to numerous boards; all while receiving a parliamentary pension and continuing entitlements for staff and travel. That’s all after a time of being some of the highest paid politicians in the world and receiving a bunch of entitlements while in office which likely saw them spending very little of the money they were receiving.
  10. Do no harm. It’s an all encompassing rule. A catch-all to round out our list. It’s not hard to be a good person. Be one.

It’s not a definitive list, it just came off the top of my head, I’m sure it can easily be improved, but I guess what I’m saying is it isn’t hard to not be an ass and I don’t know why our politicians seem to have a problem with it.

Daily Life

Big Feet!

We stopped into the New Balance clearance store in Collingwood, hoping to find a new pair of shoes for me, it’s not easy to find shoes when you have big feet. It has been a bane of my existence since I was about 12 and had a size 13 shoe.

After trawling the shelves looking scanning for “15” in any style … beggars can’t be choosers and all that … I finally asked the sales staff and she said: “I think we have one, I remember seeing in on the invoice yesterday. It’s probably out the back I’ll go and take a look.”

And that’s when the wait begins, the anxiety of which shoe will she return with, just how ugly will it have to be to have been sent off to the clearance store.

While we were waiting David noticed a massive shoe up on the shelf, it looked like a prop of some kind, but today I got to understand what it feels like to have smaller feet. My size 15 next to a size 20!

My ‘tiny’ size 15 shoe.

When the sales person returned I was pleasantly surprised by the style of shoe she returned with. Of all the things on the shelf it was probably the one style I was hoping for. As David said, “Everything’s coming up Jamie” on this day. A rare find indeed and for only $140 for the pair.

Daily Life Destinations

Bentwood Fitzroy

I guess Instagram does work for advertising, because this morning we’re at a cafe that David found on Instagram; Bentwood Fitzroy.

Bentwood Fitzroy Menu

I started by breakfast with the Nutella Shake, it basically tastes like they liquified Nutella and put it in a glass for me. It is delicious.

Nutella Shake

Accompanying this decadent drink was the Hotcakes: Raspberry curd, strawberries, passionfruit syrup, meringue, and mascarpone. I added the side of bacon, though it certainly didn’t need it.

Hotcakes, they had me at “meringue”

I want to eat here every day… but man is it expensive when you’re done, so it will definitely be a sometimes thing.

Just Cool

The Year 12,020

It’s hanging on the wall and I can’t wait for year 12,020 to begin. 

I’ve wanted to get the Kurzgesagt calendar for the longest time, but they always sold out before I could grab one. Finally it is adorning our walls.

Looks like they have now sold out on the US store, but the calendars are still available on the EU store.

I’d be happy if they print the cover inverted next year, so while it’s waiting on the wall to be opened it will appear the right way up! 🧐 I mean, just look at it, the cover, with its lovely foiling is gorgeous, but it’s upside down. 🙃

Image by Kurzgesagt
Image by Kurzgesagt
Image by Kurzgesagt

If you don’t know Kurzgesagt you’re missing out. Our friend Anthony put me onto their YouTube channel a few years ago and impatiently wait between their videos being released. They have covered topics from the space in between atoms, universal basic income, overpopulation, black holes and other space phenomena, consciousness, the ins and outs of the human body, time… I could go on, but hopefully you get the point that they have covered a lot of topics via their rather in-depth videos. Check out Kurzgesagt on YouTube.

I also have a couple of their posters waiting to be framed, I’m hoping if we ever get into our office they will be on our walls there.

Daily Life

All These Darn Socks!

In our workplace, we go through a lot of socks. 

Our office is our home, at the moment, and we don’t exactly get dressed up and put shoes on to “go to work”, mostly we roll out of bed, go to our desks, and work.

Being on tiled floors it’s best to have something on your feet less your feet dry out. Sometimes it’s uggs, but more often than not it’s socks… so we go through a few.

David has a thing about socks with holes so he attempts to throw them out while I’m not looking. But it’s waste that I never would have even considered as a kid. 

When I was young the remedy for a sock with a hole wasn’t the bin: it was a needle and thread. I remember mum had a “darning mushroom” and we’d use it for mending socks and I actually used to love doing it.

My philosophy is repair rather than rubbish, so I ordered my own darning mushroom today.

Darning Mushroom and darning kit I bought from

Of course you can just sew the hole closed without one, but having the curved surface of the mushroom means you don’t end up with as harsh a sewing line, less irritation on the tootsies. I have a small pile of socks awaiting their resurrection. 🙃

Daily Life

Elgato HD60S

I recently acquired an Elgato HD60S HDMI capture card device. It’s mostly used for streaming gaming, as seen from my recent streams of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Luigi’s Mansion 3 game play.

However, I thought it would be great for capturing the back of the camera when doing “how-tos” for photography stuff. I have a few planned.

In light of our recent meeting at our camera club about time lapses I put together a quick video about setting up the interval shooting for my Sony AR7 MkIII.

It’s also letting me get used to hearing my own voice… which I hate.

I guess I don’t actually know when I’ll get around to making all the content I want to make. Don’t be too hard on me. 🤓