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Baryard Hooligans

BarnyardA Victorian traffic policeman has described as “stupid” two men who were hanging out of their car as they drove along the Hume Freeway in the state’s north-east.

Driver stupidity stuns police – National –

With trailers and cartoons like Barnyard showing cows drinking and driving it was only a matter of time until local hoons were influenced and started behaving in the same way.

Of course on a serious note, the trailer does actually show the cows drinking (milk) and driving around wildly (yep hanging out the window)… How did this just get a PG-13 rating? ;P



Twitchy from HoodwinkedWe started out nice and early today, off to finally see “Hoodwinked“. It has been out at the movies for a while and we have shied away from it because of a few bad reviews from friends. Fuzzy little characters and cartoons were too strong a draw for me, so I dragged David along.

Hoodwinked is basically the story (all be it a little skewed) of Little Red Riding Hood, further it is the retelling of the same story from four different view points; Red, Granny, The Wolf and the Woodsman.

The real standout character and a show stealer for sure, is Twitchy… a crazy, manic Chipmunk who speaks at about 10,000 miles per hour. The insane part is the voice of Twitchy is Cory Edwards, one of the co-writers.
It’s worth a view, but wait for the DVD…


U+Ur Hand

Pink - You and Your Hand“Keep your drink, just give me the money…”
Check out P!nk’s new single at C-THE MUSIC, it’s sassy and in your face, as only P!nk can be.

Pink – U + UR HAND

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Flock You!

First Blog from Flock…

I first tried Flock when it very first came out, way back then it was a tidy little browser, but had a few quirks to work out.

Thursday David e-mailed me to tell me that Vlad at his work and found this new browser… and I, having previously used it, dismissed it. Today I reconsidered and oh the things it can do.

The following snippet was highlighted on the Age site, right-clicked and “Blog this”.

Hawkins dumps high school date September 1, 2006 – 10:54AM
Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins says she has pulled out of accompanying a Sydney student to his year 12 formal because of the “media circus” surrounding the big date.

Hawkins dumps high school date – People – Entertainment –

And to this snippet I have to say to Jennifer Hawkins “Well duh! As if it wasn’t going to be a media circus… you probably just figured out where Bathurst was and thought not enough of the circus would be there.” But don’t worry Jenn I’m sure they’d send them by the bus load. It sucks you cancelled.

Flickr (and PhotoBucket) integration.

From the photobar I can drag and drop my photos, large or small version, straight into this window, as links into comment and text fields, and even other people’s photos from a list I have marked as favourites. It even automatically creates the link backs to the orginal poster.

These plus other cool features have warranted Flock another look. Take a look at

Blogged with Flock

Photography Rants

Flickr Geo Tagging… Major Problems

Flickr GeotaggingOn the surface, the idea of Geotagging your images in Flickr sounds GREAT. You’ll be able to position your photos and always know where they were taken. But there is one major problem at least here in Australia.

The Yahoo Maps information is very, very behind when compared to say Google Maps. Without at least street names (let alone the streets themselves) it makes it very hard to acurately position you dot for your photos.

See the attached photo for instance… seems we are all a little confused as to where the Twelve Apostles actually are on the Great Ocean Road. While I don’t know how others decided to position their dots, I opened another window and loaded Google Maps and tried to use the rivers, major roads and land formations to position my dot as closely as I could. On Google Maps they even HAVE the Twelve Apostles there in the water.

Of course it could just be that Geo Tagging should have been left to those who could provide GPS co-ordinates for where the photo was taken, and with some cameras now having this function built in we’re not too far away from more accurate positioning of dots.

And while I’m bagging Yahoo Maps, let me just say their pointy roads are a far cry from the curved and more accurate formations seen on other mapping sites.

Another thing that needs to be sorted is the spelling of GeoTagging/Geo Tagging?

Family & Friends

Happy Birthday Jacob

Jacob Kirk - On FlickrToday is our Nephew Jacob’s birthday… He’s 9 today. Yikes time flies.

Even though I’ve just spent two weeks with family, it’s the birthdays that remind me just how far away we are from them all now.

If you check out my Flickr, you’ll see I have photos of Maygen from the day of her birth, unfortunately I can’t say the same of Jacob.

And as the saying goes, that’s all in the past and I’ve made up for it with many, many photos since then.

So happy birthday Jake… I hope you’ve had a great one and you’ve gotten all the presents you wanted. We wish we could be there with you and are thinking of you.

Destinations Photography

My First Flickr Group

A lone image from the Great Ocean RoadI’ve decided to create my very own Flickr group for the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, couldn’t find one similar so there I went creating one.

If any avid photographers out there have some pics of this spectacular stretch of road, join Flickr and start posting.

Our recent trip there didn’t yeild any good shots of the Twelve Apostles so any help in filling out this group would be appreciated.

Destinations Family & Friends

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Lioness at Open-range ZooI love a trip to a zoo, any zoo. I love animals and appreciate what they go through in the wild at the hands of we humans and our constant encroachment upon their lands and harvesting of them for food.

While Zoological parks in the past have been places for humans to oggle animals, locked in tiny cages where they can’t escape from view, the animals weren’t allowed to have off days, today it’s very different.

Werribee Open Range Zoo, like practically every zoo, is actively involved in breeding programs for a lot of their animals. For endangered species, they have to wait for approval, often from an international board before they can breed their animals. The board’s intention is to ensure genetic diversity in the bloodlines of offspring.

At Werribee Open Range Zoo I think my favourite animals are the Meerkats (a form of mongoose), the Lions, the Rhinos, the Hippos… oh all right, all of them.

We arrived at the zoo at about 12.20 and were invited to join the 12.30 tour bus, I didn’t really want to join a bus that was probably quite full, but the others had already said “yes”. When we got to the queue there were quite a few people already in line, so I was further concerned about the seats we would get.

Buses at Werribee Open Range ZooHaving been there three times already before, I know it’s important to get good seats. As the day was overcast I was surprised to see so many people around. As luck would have it, when the doors opened everyone rushed to the centre and rear of the bus, no one thought to enter through the disabled door and it was left to us as the last to climb onto the bus.

These seats are directly behind the driver, I reckon we ended up with the best seats in the house.

The tour is always, there is quite a bit to see. I was a little disappointed however that this zoo was undergoing renovations with the roofing contractors at The Australian Native section (with Kangaroos, Wallabies and Emus) and the Hippos were unavailable.

In the case of the Australian Natives, their area had become over-run with rabbits and they currently have bunny poison in place to wipe them out. The hippos have a brand new enclosure and are currently getting used to it before going on display, they’ll be available from September 10.

After the tour you can walk around the zoo to see some of the animals not covered by the tour. David and Jennifer had Alek a little on-edge going through the man-made savanna, having him believing that the sounds of lions were real, rather than projected from speakers as they were.

It only rained a little, and for the most part was a fantastic day. I’ll be going back many many times to this zoo. At $22.00 per adult it may seem costly, but is well worth it.

Check out my photos from the day (an previous visits to the Zoo) at Flickr.