I so wanted to be He-Man…


LESSON: It’s OK to be gay.

Look at this guy: golden locks cut in a tasteful bob, buff biceps, tanned, toned, hairless torso, a magic sword and most importantly, fabulous powers. What’s more, He-Man invites his handsome friends, the Masters of the Universe, to come hang out in his castle anytime. Of course Skeletor and his fugly cohorts are never allowed access to the secrets of He-Man’s dark, dry palace.Yes, we had He-Man toys, like Ram-Man, Trap-Jaw and even Castle Grayskull. We also had a favorite pair of tighty whiteys that had He-Man on one cheek and Skeletor on the other, battling over our asshole. But did merely owning and wearing that underwear make us gay?How it affected us as adults: As regards the above question, it’s a very complex matter, but in a word: yes. (For more on depictions of homosexuality in ’80s cartoons, please see Care Bears.) :: The Comedy Wesbite & Home of CRACKED Mazagine :: humor, parody, satire and more

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Poor Squirrel


To my friends in the states… watch out boys!

Friday August 18, 2006 A family in Cheltenham, England, returned from holiday to find their house had been trashed by a rampaging squirrel. It had tried chewing through window frames, torn curtains and a settee to shreds and knocked over pot plants and ornaments in its desperation to escape. It failed – its body was found behind the tattered couch.

The Age

Let’s hope the poor little critter doesn’t get inside and find a socket.

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Pitt: I can’t marry Angie

Good looking and politically minded, Angelina got a good catch.

Pitt: I can’t marry Angie

September 9, 2006 – 12:13PM

Actor Brad Pitt says he will not marry Angelina Jolie until restrictions on gay marriage are lifted, the star said in an interview released today. Jolie gave birth to their daughter Shiloh in May after two previous adoptions, but Pitt said there was no chance of them tying the knot while others in the US were denied the same privilege. “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able,” the 42-year-old actor told Esquire magazine for its October issue. Pitt was previously married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston and their divorce became final in October 2006.

Pitt: I can’t marry Angie – People – Entertainment –

Daily Life

Moving the Place Around

My Desk - Again

What would a month be if it got to go by without things changing in our house. September has already had is fill.

Visitors to our home will know that things are always moving… I guess it keeps thinks fresh, it’s truly amazing the number of ways furniture can be arranged and never be in the same place twice. For this David has a knack.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, David brought the PC into the computer room. It was being used as a media centre in the lounge room, but upgrades to beta versions of Windows Vista and attempts to get Vista to recognise our HD video card seem to have resulted in it not longer working with XP (after uninstalling Vista).

So for the short term (getting longer every time Microsoft delays) the PC is no good as a Media Centre so it’s just another computer.

Long story, sorry, but David having the just the iMac on his desk, had the smaller of the two desks, now with two computers he was a little cramped. The solution, I take the smaller desk and he has lots more room.

As part of the shake-up the piano moved, the printers moved and I brought one of the two Yoko Bags into the computer room to serve as a nice chill spot to get away from the computers for a while.

Click on the pic above to see my desk while it’s still tidy.


Kim Wilde… Never Say Never

Kim Wilde Never Say Never Released 8th September 2006If you enjoyed a bit of Kim Wilde in the past you may still like her now. Kim’s first studio album in 11 years has hit European stores (and worldwide torrent sites) and “Never Say Never” is Kim Wilde as I remember her. Remembrance of course is helped by the fact that a lot of the album is covers of her own songs like “Four Letter Word”, “Kids in America”, “View from a Bridge” and of course probably her biggest hit “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. Never Say Never also includes a Paul Oakenfold remix of “Cambodia”
The remixing of her first single from the album “You Came (2006)” is however not an improvement on the original which was around 13 years ago…

So much time has passed since Kim Wilde was on the scene and her re-emergence may be well timed, with the mood of music moving back to disco / 80’s style music. This album is well placed in time.


Busy Little Work Week

Burbank Homes Website in EnglishBurbank Homes Website in ChineseLast time I presented two screen shots in a blog, it was because someone had ripped off one of our designs and used it for their own site… this time the presentation shows the purposing of the Burbank Homes Site to serve a new market.

Apparently we have a lot of Chinese people buying our homes and in an effort to assist the process we’ve decided to present them with their own version of the site. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions.

An interesting task for sure, and there’s still a bit of work to go on it, I just sent off six more pages for translation. Instead of using a professional service like SBS Language Services, we’re using a Chinese student named Young. He then sends it on to one of his teachers who checks it to ensure he has understood the nuances of the English language.

We still pay him and he gets to practice is English at the same time.

In other work news, I’ve built myself a system to track my time, it has now been integrated into my projects database for work (which I also built) and uses all AJAX calls, my first real push into the AJAX world, pretty happy with the result. Though it tracks time a little too well now… no room for padding the hours like my paper-based co-workers can. Just as well I don’t slack off too much.

And finally, we hired a new DVD Producer and he started two weeks ago. This being his second week should have been a great time for him to get his teeth into the tasks at hand, unfortuately though he has been ill… all week and is now off to Queensland for a wedding returning Tuesday to work (maybe).

I would never call the two guys that were brought in to do Simon’s (our former award-winning DVD Producer) job replacements, cause I reckon Simon is a one of a kind and we miss him at work.

Well that’s the wrap up of my week at work.

Books Movies Rants

Conversations with God

A couple of months ago I went to dinner with a couple of people from the office, Sue and Sandy, we went to the Pelican’s Landing in Williamstown and had a great night at dinner. Sandy took us out for a treat for all the help we’d given to the Denton Mills project at work.

During dinner we broke all the rules, discussing everything from  Religion to Politics, for the most part we it seems we’re quite compatible people… and we are.
From the dinner conversation my strangeness and interest in other ways of thinking must have been apparent because Sandy brought in the book “Conversations with God • an uncommon dialogue” for me to read.

I have to preface the rest of this post with the fact that I don’t actually believe that a God exists. I believe the notion of a god was an invention of man to explain things he could not in times when an understanding of basic science didn’t exist.

And on God it seems that the oldest civilizations on Earth believed in not one, but many gods. If I was to believe in other life controlling/creating entities, I believe there would be more than one… but I digress.

Back to Conversations with God (book 1), soon to be a major motion picture I might add.  I find the book by Neale Donald Walsch little more than the ramblings of a desperate man. Walsch has created this dialogue in his mind as a way of consoling himself from the activities that surround him.

The text is written as a conversation would occur so, for the most part, it’s a bit like reading a play. Walsch’s God is a master at double-speak and conversing in a way that is very open to interpretation. Perhaps the author is hoping this becomes a new new testament.

In this day and age, even if Jesus was real and the second coming of Christ was to happen, who would believe him. After all, look at what happened to David Koresh. Then of course there is Australia’s own Little Pebble and those nice folks from Heavens Gate. There are so many cults in the world I wouldn’t have enough space to list them all.

I know this post became a bit of a ramble and for that I apologise, I’ll probably come back and edit it a bit later, but I believe in humanity and one’s ability to believe in oneself. I get frustrated by people who push their beliefs on others… You should live for you, but live and let live. Each to their own and all those other clichés I can think of.



Jeepers, as much as you may think someone is a complete tool, you don’t wish them dead… other than the story below, from the Age, already has an obituary on their site with the line “For someone who spent so much time around killer animals, Irwin seemed to leave a charmed life.” [sic] seems that in the rush to get the job done, they don’t bother with an edit.

Crocodile man, Steve Irwin, dies September 4, 2006 – 2:45PM
Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has died after being struck by a stingray barb in Queensland, according to reports.

Mr Irwin apparently died in a marine accident on the Great Barrier Reef, initial reports say.

He was believed to be shooting a documentary off Port Douglas when he was struck.

A spokeswoman for Irwin’s Australia Zoo said she was aware of the reports but the zoo would not be making any statements at this stage.

A spokeswoman from Queensland Police said they had not confirmed the reports of Irwin’s death and would not make any more comment.

Irwin, 44, was best known for his “Crocodile Hunter” television series, which was first released in 1992 and spawned some 70 episodes and anumber of spin-offs.

According to the zoo’s website, Irwin was born in Victoria in 1962, butmoved with his family to Queensland in 1970 when his father, Bob, started a reptile park on the Sunshine Coast.

Irwin married American Terri Raines in 1992 after she visited the zooon holiday.

Crocodile man, Steve Irwin, dies – National –

Further both sites already have around three stories online about it… the Internet is so powerful and yet remains unchecked even in the world of what should be professional journalism… it appears that best to market very rarely beats first to market when news is concerned, after all, it doesn’t matter if it’s right first time round, we’ll pick it up in the edit.

update: 3.23pm – on they now have an obituary, a map of the accident, a gallery of Steve’s life and times, the original story and the sky news broadcast where the story first broke (video streaming). The Age by comparison has only the one story so far and has it marked as a “Developing Story”.