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Going Down to WoW; See if I Can’t Unwind

WoW and Carman on South ParkROFL… How I miss World of Warcraft! So much so that when I heard that South Park was doing a World of Warcraft Episode I had to see it, HAD TO.

Sure there were quite a few factual errors, but it was funny as anyway. Though they may not have gotten all the actual gameplay info correct I think they accurately portrayed the crazed nature WoW Players.

Oh and I want “The Sword of 1,000 Truths”… gimme gimme gimme.

Had they made the frustration of the game linked to the LAG that happens in the game (and the main reason I quit playing) it would have been even funnier… but I’m not so sure that Blizzard would have been too happy. As it is, it’s a great episode of South Park, and should do wonders to increase the players in WoW, AND just increase the Lag the current players live through.

Oh and I LOVED the fact that the dudes from Blizzard, don’t actually have World of Warcraft accounts, because “they have a life”.


Lost is back for Season 3

And that’s all I’ve got to say about it for now :P

Other than, I marks these as “TV” but haven’t watched an eposide on an actual TV for a long time now. Strange huh?

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Pressing My Buttons!

My Grotty Keyboard and A Programmer's Favourite Key

As a web developer the “colon”, “semi-colon” key is probably used more than ANY other key on the whole keyboard [except maybe delete/backspace, which is quite clean on my keyboard ;) ] so it is no surprise that when I actually looked at my keyboard this morning, I noticed that this particular key was grotty as…

This key is used to finish practically every line of code in JavaScript, most statements in PHP and used at least twice in every line in CSS.

If something on your site isn’t working, or something looks a little wrong, it’s probably because I forgot to push the “colon”, “semi-colon” key at some point. It is always the first mistake to look for.

So without a doubt it is my favourite key [but not by choice, personally I’ve always been quite partial to “~” key, it looks so curvy and reminds me of a wave at the beach… ahh the beach…].

Daily Life Inspiration


LovetasticAre you a gay man looking for love? And I mean LOVE no just a hook-up. Are you tired of the usual places that ask you for more information than you’d usually share on a first (or second) date? Then straight from “Inside the Net” I’ve got a link for you.

Lovetastic… a personals site for gay men, that doesn’t even allow the posting of shirtless photos. It lists itself as a site that “treats you like a person”… subtext of which is “rather than life support of another body part”. Their Internet search description reads “Gay personals that help you find your one true husband”.

Even though I’m happily partnered (9.5 years now), I joined up to check it out (bit hard to recommend something I haven’t seen) and also to check it out from a technical point of view. Besides they also have the checkbox “Type of relationship sought” – “Completely Platonic pal” (which is the one I checked :P )

The only major difference between this and other gay personal sites is its subscription model. You have to pay for all contact. Usually you’d get a certain number of messages or contacts, on Lovetastic you even have to pay to join in the chat room.

I realise that most other (I want to say ‘straight’) personal sites have the same model of payment, as a new gay personals site I hope Lovetastic can find enough buyers to keep them going… with all the ‘no need to pay’ sites already floating around, it may be hard to build an audience.

Afterall, I met David all those years ago using IRC (Internet Relay Chat), no pictures, no measurements, no profiles, just text based chat and FREE, FREE, FREE. And believe it or not, IRC still exists today. (it’s now mostly used by a lot of the bot networks that hack and attack peoples computers turning them into zombies – see how all good things go bad – but that’s another story)

So anyway, I realise as I started to write this I was thinking all happy thoughts about the site, I love the idea that there is a site out there that isn’t ranking people based on the size of body parts, but as I round up this post, I realise that while Ryan (the creator) thinks it’s revolutionary (and I suppose in many ways it is), I feel it’s just a porting of the common personals site; with a gay theme. And other than the geek in me that loves to look and the AJAX build, there’s not THAT much to it.

The site does serve as inspiration though, that something that appears so simple can be used to make money… gotta go… mind ticking away ;)

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Harry Tomrop – Last of the ‘Tin Hares’

Henry Tomrop in his front gardenNot sure when this went to press, a long way back, I’d say it was 1982, for the 50th Anniversary of the Coat Hanger… it’s a story from the Sydney Morning Herald (I have a scan of it) and it’s all about my Great Grandfather…

To the family he was known as Henry, he was always keen to talk about the cricket, tennis and the good times from the past, he was however quite tight-lipped (as many diggers are) about the bad times of war. For the time I knew him, I was too young to appreciate just how special he was. It would have be a joy for Henry to be here now and to have a good ol’ chat.

When I first read this article, I found out things I never knew about Henry… he was then and still is an inspiring spirit.

A long one so I’ll continue it after a jump… Story starts now: By Richard Raxworthy

Of all the remarkable men who came to light during the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge the mist remarkable would have to be Harry Tomrop. Tom to his mates, he is the last known survivor of the “Tin Hares”, the 12 steel erectors who built the Bridge. Of course they had the help of nearly 1,000 men in England and 2,000 in Australia, but they, with the two crane drivers, positioned every piece of steel.

Daily Life

Time for Change

Straw that Broke the Camel's backI currently work for a company that is run by someone who likes to be in control and manned by sycophants who just love to say “Yes” and “How high?”.

Now I know that I’m being unreasonable and I’m certain you will all agree, but I think I should occasionally be allowed to be 3 minutes late for work due to traffic. I shouldn’t have to leave home 20 minutes earlier than I already do, just on the off chance that someone might run themselves into someone else everyday.

And on these odd occasions that I am late, I certainly don’t want to be pulled into a meeting room and told how disappointing it is that I couldn’t be at my desk and tapping away on my keyboard at 8.30am.

I mean for goodness sake, I’m 32, not 12. It’s not like I’m your average 8.30 to 5 worker… it’s not like they don’t ring me late at night and expect me to be available to answer inane questions. It is also not like I don’t do work out of hours and on weekends because we have so much to do!

But I digress, wait no I don’t, that’s my whole point right there in the paragraph above. At work I am web developer, designer, photographer, proof-reader, furniture mover, voice of reason and anything else they seem to think I should be. And for the most part I don’t mind. But being jumped on for being 3 minutes late and chastised like a child.

The guy might own the company, heck he may also own those at management level, but he doesn’t own me. This is the first time ever I have been so disgusted with a direct manager.

As a manager I would never bust a staff member for something so stupid, unless of course it was a serious issue affecting their work, but as I said before, I do more that the hours required.

What’s more the company hasn’t given the plebs a pay rise in over three years, not even CPI (consumer price index).

So now on the market… one slightly used web developer, will work for money (but it’s not the MOST important thing). Excellent experience.

As always the universe sends a message at just the right time… this from the Flying Solo newsletter (arrived in my in box this morning).

But there’s a danger that bending over backwards for our clients can end up doing us more harm than good.

At some point, most of us have knowingly put ourselves out by accepting a rush job from a desperate client. Like Chicken Little, these clients insist the sky will fall in if you don’t drop everything and help them solve their problem.

Every time we turn our attention to them, it comes at some expense to us. Another client’s project, a lunch date with a loved one… plans go out the window when Chicken Little calls.

Why should a lack of planning on their part effectively create a panic in our work?

Naturally, you want to please your clients and provide an excellent service, but there’s a fine line between that and allowing their problems to become your problems.

If we have no boundaries, we are in danger of allowing our clients to set them for us. This fosters poor behaviour in them and is a one way ticket to Frazzletown for us.

Funny how that happens… and I often think of my employer as a client… and every inch of my being says this client is one that should be let go for fear I end up in Frazzletown.

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What have I done? What have I done?

Did I waste $1.10 tonight? Yes it’s true, I admit it, I VOTED IN AUSTRALIAN IDOL. I did, I SMS’s 191010 twice, once for “Ricky” and once for “Jessica”.

Ricky is a so-so performer, he’d be a crap load better without the “crazy eyes” he tends to pull, but I had to vote for him, he’s the local Werribee boy. He’s so intense, if he could just relax and make it look like less of an effort.

Jessica is a fantastic little singer, at just 17 she shines on that stage more so than anyone else.

Who do I want to see go home? Well it’s down to Mutto and Lisa right now on stage, and I really don’t mind which one goes (hopefully Lisa). I want Dean to go more than anyone though. He sings like your average Joe would in the back seat of the car on a long trip.

Whoops, just heard from the other room, Mutto is gone. He should have gotten rid of the bad hair do. Apparently there was just ½ a percent difference between he and Lisa.

I’m not too embarrassed that I voted, cause I love my music, and want to do something, anything to try and ensure some drop-kick doesn’t end up Australian Idol.

Dean looks to be a favourite of the record company, some say he is good looking, I think he’s a little too in love with himself. Last night Kyle called him the “God loving virgin boy”, playing on his virginity to get the pure vote. Jeez Kyle calls it how he sees it.

See ya Mutto, it was good while it lasted, now get off the stage. Let’s hope Dean and Lisa follow soon…

Speaking of getting off the stage, thanks Marcia for your rendition of “Disco Inferno”, don’t do that again… and were you miming? The movement of the microphone during some of your notes should not have lent itself to your sustaining some of those notes. But surely there would not have been miming on Australian Idol by a consumate peformer such as yourself. If however you sang live, you surely do deserve your place on the judging panel. It was a great performance (if it was live).

Another week of Idol over… Ricky practice not using the crazy eyes.

Family & Friends

All the family’s doin’ it

Well at least one other, for now. My brother Brian has set himself up a WordPress blog at And he rightfully writes that the way life goes we have so little time to catch up with everyone, for instance, I didn’t even know he’d gotten a new puppy… and what a cute doggin he is.

Brian and Jillian join Alek as family on the net (well not just connected cause they are all there now) but with an actual site presence.

And congrats on picking such a nice looking theme, only thing now is make it so people can put comments on without having to log in.