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Too Much Colour

Trying to make a change to my WordPress theme… but for some reason my FTP isn’t connecting from home.

Gonna remove the dark grey… make it all white and clean. Maybe you’ll see it soon…ish.

Thank goodness for the Melbourne Cup… my office is closing on the Monday before (it’s on a Tuesday) so I have a four-day weekend coming up… yay!

My Dad is talking about coming down for the cup so we’ll have guests and it’s all good.

On another note, just checking out a movie I rented called Dorian Blues, and it has a trailer for a movie “Girls Will Be Girls” in which it appears no women appear at all, all of the female roles are played by drag queens.

With lines like (about abortion) “Coco, I’ve had more children pulled out of me than a burning orphanage.” it sounds like a hoot of a movie. Um… yes I did just say “hoot” scary huh?.

Daily Life

Only time will tell.

Can’t wait, news by Thursday. Keep them fingers crossed. ;)

Daily Life

What was lost, now is found…

This past weekend was an interesting one… on Saturday we took the dogs to a beach between Altona and Williamstown where all the dogs go to play… when the tide is in the water comes up to just above my knees so the water is not too deep for the doggins who love to be wet and there are plenty of dogs for them to hang around with.

While at the beach (it was around 25 degrees c) the sun was glaring off the water and while I have to contacts (they come today) I couldn’t wear my sunglasses, I think this lead to a headache forming (which later that night (and for ALL of Sunday) became a migraine.

Also while at the beach, David lost his keys… and having walked all over the place and out in the water, they could have been anywhere!

First thing to do was to go back to the car to make sure they weren’t there… nope… At this point I was ready to give up, get a cab and go home to get my keys, but David wanted to go take a look at the beach.

Retracing our steps we walked back into the water, with the doggins in tow, looking everywhere for the keys… for about 40 minutes we walked around, gave up and started heading back. The dogs took off when we got closer to the shore, they had obviously seen some dog they liked/didn’t like the look of.

I was yelling for them when David says “There!” and points at my feet… right there in front of me, in about a foot fo water, was the keys.

We are lucky boys indeed.

Sunday was basically a day of watching TV and sleeping, while trying to get rid of the headache, which is as stupid thing I suppose to say, cause they hang around as long as they like and generally last for 3 to 4 days and they hurt and they make me nasty. Lucky I have a nice boyfriend who puts up with me when I’m hurting.

My head is still a bit funny today, so if this post doesn’t make sense… sorry.

Daily Life

Think Pleasant Thoughts

For me between 4.30pm and 6.00pm today (Australian Eastern Standard Time)… special time with fingers crossed.

Daily Life Technology

15 Minutes…

Andy Warhol famously said “In the future everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes“. Did I waste mine, or is the fact that no one still knows who I am mean that wasn’t my 15 minutes?

Last Thursday, on my favourite podcast, Buzz Out Loud, an email I sent in was read out… YAY. It was to do with the whole “You’ll love Coles…” branding.

[audio src="" /]

While it won’t endear me to those who already think of me as a geek… Buzz Out Loud is a great Podcast for technology news. Tom Merrit, Molly Wood and Veronica Belmont are a great mix and play off each other very well, resulting in a funny and informative show every weekday.

Technology TV

Going Down to WoW; See if I Can’t Unwind

WoW and Carman on South ParkROFL… How I miss World of Warcraft! So much so that when I heard that South Park was doing a World of Warcraft Episode I had to see it, HAD TO.

Sure there were quite a few factual errors, but it was funny as anyway. Though they may not have gotten all the actual gameplay info correct I think they accurately portrayed the crazed nature WoW Players.

Oh and I want “The Sword of 1,000 Truths”… gimme gimme gimme.

Had they made the frustration of the game linked to the LAG that happens in the game (and the main reason I quit playing) it would have been even funnier… but I’m not so sure that Blizzard would have been too happy. As it is, it’s a great episode of South Park, and should do wonders to increase the players in WoW, AND just increase the Lag the current players live through.

Oh and I LOVED the fact that the dudes from Blizzard, don’t actually have World of Warcraft accounts, because “they have a life”.


Lost is back for Season 3

And that’s all I’ve got to say about it for now :P

Other than, I marks these as “TV” but haven’t watched an eposide on an actual TV for a long time now. Strange huh?

Rants Technology

Pressing My Buttons!

My Grotty Keyboard and A Programmer's Favourite Key

As a web developer the “colon”, “semi-colon” key is probably used more than ANY other key on the whole keyboard [except maybe delete/backspace, which is quite clean on my keyboard ;) ] so it is no surprise that when I actually looked at my keyboard this morning, I noticed that this particular key was grotty as…

This key is used to finish practically every line of code in JavaScript, most statements in PHP and used at least twice in every line in CSS.

If something on your site isn’t working, or something looks a little wrong, it’s probably because I forgot to push the “colon”, “semi-colon” key at some point. It is always the first mistake to look for.

So without a doubt it is my favourite key [but not by choice, personally I’ve always been quite partial to “~” key, it looks so curvy and reminds me of a wave at the beach… ahh the beach…].