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Expired! has an article, as they often do these days, taken from Facebook (because real journalism seems to be dead in most quarters). Anyway, the post is certainly one that divides households.

Take our home for example: David will NOT even entertain the idea of drinking milk beyond the date printed on the bottle. While I’m more of the sniff-test variety. After all, growing up I don’t remember the glass bottles having expiry dates on them (maybe they were imprinted on the foil lid?). You knew to stop drinking the stuff when it was a little rank or it plopped out of the bottle. 🤣

Daily Life

Beaten Beats

I have been sitting on replacing my Beats headphones for a couple of years now. In recent times they have started leaving debris in my ears as the covering comes off them, it’s a bit annoying. But other than that, these were perfect.

David got a a new pair of Sony headphones recently so he gave me his old Beats, and I have been using them for a few months, only going back to mine when I forget to charge David’s old pair. It has been nice to have the backup.

But in the last few days David’s have developed a white noise problem in the left ear… weather connected to a device or not. It has been quite annoying. So I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy some new pads from a third party. You can’t buy them directly from Apple, the maker of Beats, but you can pay Apple to repair your headphones, though most reports I have seen say Apple charge you 75% of the value of the headphones and then just swap them out.

That’s too much money for me to spend right now, especially with the Apple announcement that was coming up. So for $26 I got a set of pads from Amazon, Prime delivery. They were arriving today so I had to prepare my headphones for their arrival… then I dropped them 😩

My perfectly good headphones suddenly had a very wonky right arm. Thank goodness for gaffers tape! Almost good as new once more. 🤣

My new pads are Burgundy. I couldn’t get the same blue as they were, and so I thought I may as well go for a good contrasting colour. Will update with a complete pic once I have them and they are cured.

Beats No More

Argh… so the new pads look great… but in putting them on I dropped my beats once more. And now they are kaput!

Daily Life

Emotional Photography

When I saw this photo last night during our Camera Club Judging I wanted to swear; I was so in love with it… Chrisy’s self portrait titled “My Dog was called Rosie” tugs at my heart so hard it almost pulls it from my chest.

Most dog owners, those who cherish their pets, will know the sadness Christine has captured in her own eyes. The emotion is stark and it slaps the viewer across the face, ready or not… and isn’t that what a photo is supposed to do?

The clarity across the image adds to the rawness of the conveyed emotion. The lighting is sublime. Had I made this shot, I may have thought to go darker, to help convey an emotion of loss, but there’s no way it is required in this set up.

A powerful portrait, I hope Christine chooses to shop this one around the awards circuit, particularly the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

It may not seem right to single out just one image from the plethora of great images on display last night, and that’s why I’d doing this personally, as I was personally moved by this image. Over the years we’ve seen awesome growth in Christine’s work. I’d be surprised if she’s not elevated to Grade A for 2020.

I’m always finding happiness in the growth of others and seeing them embrace their talent and achieve success in their work.

Thank you Christine for sharing this image and its message with us. I’ve felt your loss in every dog I’ve had that has passed, and I dread the mortality of my current Cockers who are reaching a certain age. 😓

You can see more of Christine’s work on her Instagram Feed.

Daily Life

Apple Day 2019

Upshot of today’s Apple Announcement.

The iPhone is ALL about the cameras now. It has three iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s pretty much the only thing Apple mentions on their website. Sure there’s a little bit about the improved battery, and the new processor, but it’s the cameras they are selling it on. And I’m buying…

iPhone 11 Pro Models
iPhone 11 Pro

I skipped last year’s model because the upgrade wasn’t worth it for me. I don’t use my phone heaps since being house-bound, I mean, since working from home. But I do like the new cameras and I have already grown to like the new green!

Tim Cook in front of the new iPhone 11 Pro in the new green colour
Tim Cook in front of the new iPhone 11 Pro in the new green colour

Apple Watch Series 5… I really want to get one of these too… again, we skipped last year’s model because the only thing appealing in it was the ECG, and it’s a feature that wasn’t launched here in Australia, still isn’t actually, but hopefully it’s coming soon. Goodness knows what the hold up is. I guess our medical board is hard to get approval through. But given we skipped last year’s we’ll likely get this upgrade.

Stan Ng with the new Apple Watch Series 5
Stan Ng with the new Apple Watch Series 5

I really would like the Edition ceramic version, but can’t really justify the cost. In fact I’m even looking at the aluminium rather than the stainless steel to save the money… but that may change once I see them in person. 🤓

Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade

Other than that, Apple Arcade launches on the 20th of this month, along with the rollout of the new iOS, it looks like Arcade will be $7.99 at launch. I don’t play a lot of games so I won’t be on this one.

Apple TV+
Apple TV+

Then there was Apple TV+ which is the new streaming service from Apple, it will also be $7.99 per month at launch, and it comes with what seem like a bunch of great titles, but do I really need yet another streaming service? Oh, but it comes free for 12 months when you purchase a new apple device capable of watching Apple TV+, so I guess I’ll get it for the first 12 months when I get my new phone. It launches on November 1.

Daily Life

3am Wake Up Call

Apple's announcement for their special event September 10, 2019.

The life of an Apple Fanboy, awake at 3am to watch the Apple event live… 🤭💤

Of course we could just sleep in and watch the replay later… but we’ve been doing this for so many years now, it has become tradition.


Reality Bites

So I delved into the comments section on a recent news article, it was on the subject of “The Block” what it was about isn’t really important… one comment I read there was though, I nearly wrote the same thing on Facebook this morning when seeing all of the posts from people who were loving Australia’s win over England.

Anyway, the comment reads:

“Look at all these passionate comments. If only you people put half the passion into our leaders and laws and regulations, we might have a much better country.
Reality TV. Best thing at making people ignore reality.”

And sports does it too. It’s why even in bad times there is always money for Entertainment and Sports, it helps control the people and stops them thinking about how the government is f**king with their lives. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Lover ❤️

Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever?

Taylor Swift – “Lover”

Everyone knows Swifty loves her cats, I’m sure that’s who she’s singing about.


Puppet Puppeteers

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” is so cool for so many reasons. My absolute favourite part is from Episode 7 where the puppets, are suddenly puppeteers! So cool.

The graphics throughout the series are wonderful, the puppeteering is beautifully done, I was concerned when I saw the first looks of the show because I thought it was going to be dodgy CGI. Thankfully they stuck with the Jim Henson Company’s original vision.

I feel like the images here aren’t spoilers for those who already know “The Dark Crystal“.

I had to steal the whole episode just to get these screenshots, because you can’t make screenshots of Netflix windows or app.