Today’s Office

Photographing Cookies

Today we photographed a couple of hundred products for a local cafe supply company. It was almost literally back-breaking work. Being bent over for most of the day positioning elements here and there on our little boards.

The tabletop for the shoot was made by the client, from some fence palings she had laying around the yard. A mighty good effort I say, they came up a treat in the final photos.

We haven’t processed many of the images yet, but I’ll share a few when they David is finished with them. For now, a couple of behind the scenes photos.

Our set up

Photographing Cookies

Yummy Slices

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Bill at work

Every day in our office is bring your doggin to work day (every day is also wear shorts to work day). The doggins even have a dedicated chair so they can sit right next to me for easy access to pats during the day, or so they can rest on my lap as the mood takes them. 🐶

Bill at work


Vineyard Shoot

Winery from on High

A tiny part off the vineyard we went to today. The giant piece of the concrete is a bunker to survive a war… only joking, it’s the new wine cellar they are building. They believe it to be the only one in Australia.

Almost finished, they just need to have the tonnes of soil put back on top of the bunker, then a garden planted, for now, eventually the plan is to build an office on top, but they still need to hire the amish storage sheds fredericksburg va services for that.

Winery from on high

Winery from on high

Winery from on high

Winery from on high

Winos We are Not

Wine on the Piano

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we like to drink in our house; though you should note ALL of these bottles are full. They are actually there to have their photos taken by David for various wineries. They all have to go back to their homes when we’re done with them.

In the Hangar

In the Hangar

Today I went to visit the Essendon Football Club with our Senior Publisher to record some video interviews with the players and coach of the club. We were advised we’d be making the recordings in the club’s boardroom in front of an iconic painting, sounded great. I brought all of my gear, three lights, cameras and cables.

When we arrived we found out we were actually filming in the hangar, another icon of the Essendon Bombers. It was a great looking location, but sadly it is a massive space that loves to ingest sound and create noise. Outside the Hangar there is a lot of construction going on, the Fort Lupton contractors are working on the gazebo’s roof. Big machinery is moving earth and building structures, the hangar captures it all.

Essendon's Hangar

I think we did alright, all things considered.

Jobe arrived in his training gear, flouro yellow is never a great look on camera, though he carried himself well. He was courteous, his responses measured and articulate. We got nothing but good footage from him.

Mark “Bomber” Thompson arrived about half an hour late. He dallied on his way to us, it felt as if he was trying to avoid us. Essendon is going through a bunch of stuff and has spent a lot of time in front of the media of late, but we weren’t here about that. Once he made it to us Bomber sat down on the seat and proceeded to shoot the breeze, still not overly eager to get to what we were there to do. He was funny and charming. Once we finally got started he was on. His answers about Dick Reynolds were great.

Courtney, our publisher, asked Mark Thompson and Jobe Watson a series of questions, from which we’ll be creating a series of short videos to promote our book, “King Richard“. We also took a couple of photos of the interviewees with our book.

Jobe Watson
Mark 'Bomber' Thompson with King Richard
Mark 'Bomber' Thompson with King Richard

We also interviewed Dyson Heppell, at 22 maybe he’s a little too young to remember or understand the legacy of Dick Reynolds, Dyson doesn’t have the football family Jobe has to pass on the stories. His answers probably aren’t usable for our purpose. But we’ll see how we can edit them.

The setting in the Hangar
Video Editing

Below is one of the videos, I’ll probably replace it a few more times as I update the styles and the edits.