Design Work

Here are some flyers that have just come in for a client. I really like how they turned out. The colours are a little off on this quick photo.

The first flyers I have created/designed.
Flyers Created for Melanie Wyatt Family Law

I have already adjusted the original file to give the text at the bottom a little more room to breathe when we need to do a reprint.

The stock selection was made without the aid of a samples card, Mel selected a 350GSM stock with gloss finish and I was worried it was going to be too shiny. But the gloss paper is nowhere near as shiny as the gloss laminate and I think they came up nicely.

Meanwhile, our printer also sent me along a Stock Selector so I can see the types for future prints.

Printer stock selector

Client Launches

We’re off to a client launch today… we very rarely do this. Our client is launching their new brand, new site, and new clinic.

Incidentally, it’s a client we’ve had, through our previous company, for over 13 years and we’ve ALWAYS been banned from even saying that we work with them. That includes having our name on their site, even in code, talking about them being our client with other potential clients, and having case studies written about the work we’ve done with them.

Their reasoning being: 
1. they are paying us to do the work we do, 
2. they spend a lot of money on advertising and building their brand so they don’t want others essentially riding their coat-tails.

We’ve always accept these terms. 

We’ll David is clearly a very nice person to work with, because without us prompting the client in question has given us permission to put our name on their site… it was a great compliment for David and a testament to the relationship he has built with the client.

Thing is, David isn’t keen on putting our name on the site now… only because we didn’t design the site, or branding, and also because there is not really a logical place in the new design to place our name that won’t impede the design. ☺️

So even if we don’t put our name there, we’re still pretty happy to have the client recognise all the hard work that has gone into their site, now, and over the past decade.

I note I haven’t mentioned the client here, only because I don’t want their name directly related to this text, but I’m sure there will be an announcement in a couple of days.


Yesterday’s Office

This was our office yesterday… we weren’t there to take photos rather to discuss Irrewarra Sourdough’s new website which we are in the final stages of development.

But while there I threw the drone up to see the best vantage points for photography once we do go back to take some photos for them once the landscaping at the front of the building (this is the back) is complete.

The wind was insane in Irrewarra yesterday. The breaks in the clouds you see here were there literally for the time I snapped the shots. It was grey and raining again by the time I got the drone to return to me against the strong winds.

While we were down that way we also visited the vineyards of By Farr Wines and talked with them about their new site and some more photography/videography we need to take for it.


AFL Brownlow Night

It’s one of my most nervous days of the year… has been for the last 5 years that I’ve been taking care of the data crunching for the AFL Brownlow. As a company (old and new) we’ve been doing this for around 9 years now. And pretty much every year the AFL says, “This will probably be the last year” but still they return.

The process hasn’t changed, but each year we refine the code as the technology gets better and more efficient.

This year we completely rebuilt the prediction data part of the system. We didn’t worry about the live night count because we were told we probably wouldn’t be doing it, well that was until about 2 weeks ago when they decided last minute they WOULD need us to do it again.

So there we are, it’s typically a night we order in pizza and I sit on a phone line for 4 hours with a bunch of others from Telstra, Champion Data, and the AFL just in case anything should go wrong. Thankfully each year it has gone fine… well except for one year when there was no raw data coming through from the supplier. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Wish me luck, the system has been tested, as we do every year… but I have no way if knowing if the AFL have copied over all the correct files to their live environment until the data starts to flow… they haven’t been keen on doing live tests for the last few years now.

It kicks off around 8:15pm AEST, we have to find a TV aerial so we can see what’s happening at Crown, you’ll see our data in the Official AFL Apps and on the AFL website. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.


I’m Still Standing

Our sit/stand desks are coming today… 🙃

Long time coming… making a decision as to which to buy was quite hard… had to consider which would provide the best support without wobble… hopefully we made a good choice.

We’re using our current desktops for now, we may replace them later, but they are good enough for now.

Our current desks are silverlegged, but we went with black this time around because it was $100 cheaper per unit.

I really wanted to spend a premium and get a 4-leg-style frame that is built for sit/stand 4-metre conference tables… but David said that was likely overkill. 🤪 I bet it would have been sturdy though.

Our final order was 2x: desk frame, cable management, 4-plug power station, and anti-fatigue mat.

Will update our sit-stand progress as we go along.


Puppy Tales Rescue

First look at new video… the audio messed up a little and I couldn’t clean it up any more without it sounding too tinny.

Thankfully I was recording two audio sources because on the first one I forgot to turn the mic on for the first minute or so of recording.

The hardest part of making videos is finding the accompanying music, even if that music is to become the background music to fill in any dead spaces in speech.

There probably won’t be any further changes, so this first look is likely the final version too.

We make these videos for the charities that are being supported by the Marsh Monster Mash. This is the third one we’ve done after there Bacchus Marsh Food Bus (now defunct), and BADGAR Wildlife Rescue.

If you know anyone who needs a video like this made, hit me up.


Video Pre-meeting

We met with Kerrie from Puppy Tales Rescue. We’ll be going back out and seeing her again soon to make a video for the Marsh Monster Mash site to promote them and the event.  

Puppy Tales Rescue is based in Bacchus Marsh and at any one time Kerrie has between 10-40 dogs in her system. Most out with foster carers while waiting to be adopted and re-homed.

Caring for mostly smaller breeds of dogs, Puppy Tales Rescue, a registered charity, takes in dogs from unexpected places like the RSPCA and the Lost Dogs’ Home, two places I thought would have had good systems for handling the care of dogs… but apparently Puppy Tales gets a lot of the dogs requiring high levels of medical care, dogs that have been abused, or with a few issues. The ones that are harder to adopt out.

While with their foster carers, the dogs are socialised and taught to live with people and other dogs.

She’s doing good work, she cares for the doggins whether they are with her for a day (which happened recently with one doggin) or a year. Sometimes her work is hampered by red tape of our local council.

She has been located in two other councils in the past, Wyndham and Melton and both gave her set ups where she registered he own dogs, but then had a floating registration for 10 dogs to cover her rescues that would be going in and out.

Here in Bacchus Marsh she is restricted to two pets. Our registration process is a nightmare here for breeders and dog rescue places. When a dog changes, either through death or through adoption, they are expected to complete a new “planning permit” when a new dog comes in. It can cost a lot of money to do this, and that isn’t very conducive to a rescue who literally has dogs coming and going.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, there’ll be a new video coming soon. I just have to think of the questions I want to ask and then put it all together. It’s nice to give back occasionally.


Granola & Biscuits

Our whole day was taken up with a single meeting in Colac, and our client is the awesome Irrewarra Bakery; makers of delicious bread, granola, and biscuits.

Arriving at their beautiful new bakery we were greeted by the amazing smells of biscuits cooking in the old stables and granola baking in the new kitchens.

And we received goodie bags to take home. I’m torn between eating them, and photographing them (before eating them). Just not sure when I’ll have time to photograph them, but I always have time to eat them. 🤣

It’s great when a brand you’ve been eating for years becomes a client.