FU Facebook

Big FU to Facebook this morning… saw something on my phone earlier. Can’t find it in the news feed on my computer… went back to my phone app, it was there on launch and then reloaded and now I can’t find it no matter how much I scroll. Whether a case of A:B testing on… Continue reading FU Facebook

I can’t be a photographic journalist

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images seen on boston.com’s Big Picture story Xenophobia in South Africa One of my favourite sites at the moment is “The Big Picture” from boston.com, most of the photos are amazing. But today there are some photos on the site that make me feel bad to my core. They have brought… Continue reading I can’t be a photographic journalist

Wallpapers Extraordinaire

Everyone likes to have a flashy looking desktop and never have I seen them presented so well. The images presented by Panedia Desktop Wallpaper are some of the finest wide-angle panoramas I have seen to-date. And uniquely Panedia present their visitors with images to suit from one to three screens. For a small subscription fee… Continue reading Wallpapers Extraordinaire

LOL Cats

Funny as… had me laughing out loud for sure. Apologies to those around me at work.

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Pownce @ First Glance

Pownce is a cool little web app. And thanks to Adobe’s AIR it also makes for a cool desktop app. Huge thanks to djp72 for the invite. Currently in ALPHA release Pownce is much like Twitter, a little like iChat and a little part event coordinator. I love the colours, shallow I know, but it… Continue reading Pownce @ First Glance