Umm OK…

Saw this on Twitter and it took ages to find an attribution for it. Tracked the original down on YouTube… too weirdly good not to watch. The maker has more of his unique brand of performance art on his channel. Enjoy.

Politics Video

An Honest Government Ad

Just in case we need to be reminded going into the election… don’t vote for Liberal they do not have your interests at heart and they can’t be swayed, they are being infiltrated and influenced by religious groups who don’t pay taxes and at least one group that doesn’t even vote, but puts money in the purse of the major parties.

Juice Media’s videos have been a very “Australien” way of bringing to the attention of the masses the BS our government does to us. And they are doing it to us.

I honestly feel that even if not much different, Labor are at least more easily swayed by public opinion… the Libs however just don’t have souls, they sold them long ago to the highest bidders.

People power has seen superannuation groups divest from tobacco, fossil fuels, and other hurtful industries; with enough pressure, we can get our government to do the same.

Vote wisely… and don’t vote for a party that only has one policy or interest, they are too easily swayed by the bigger parties when it comes time to vote on something not in their portfolio.

While some may not believe it, the two majors are not the same. And yes, your vote counts… even though it feels like these days they call elections with just 4% of the vote counted. 🤔

TV Video

Gay of Thrones

If you’re watching Game of Thrones but not watching Jonathan Van Ness‘ “Gay of Thrones” recaps then you are missing out. How are you keeping up with what “Baby Kristen Stewart”, “Christina Aguilera”, “Munch Munch”, “Evil No Volume Carol Brady”, “Sansa Fierce”, and the others are up to.

I’m kinda sad this hasn’t been going since season 1.

Freaking hilarious!

In the News Rants Video

Phage Therapy

The folks at Kurzgesagt have a new video out, about Bacteriophages and their possible place as our saviours in the not-to-distant future.

The one standout piece of dialogue from the video for me is.

The sad truth is, many of our great medical achievements follow this pattern.

  • The governments pour the billions in via grants, the researchers at universities and the universities themselves, set up ‘companies’ to receive the grant and to do the studies,
  • The studies that are successful patent their findings as the company, the makers and the university often co-writing the patent.
  • Then the pharma companies vie for the research and the patents and buy the company at a fraction of the cost of the research and for a stake in the patent.
  • The pharma company ramps up production, and sell it to the masses at a marked up cost, often claiming it’s justified in doing so because of the cost of research, that some countries tax dollars often paid for.

At the moment big pharma doesn’t want to know about it, it’s promising, but they have their antibiotics to sell and they sell a LOT of them. Even with the rise of superbugs many doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics as a matter of course, almost as a placebo it seems.

Having said that, I have seen at least one paper that has been written on bacteriophages that was funded by Nestlé Health and Nestlé Health Science, so I guess some companies are investing in it, but clearly we need more.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. The video is very interesting to watch.

Music Video

Have it All – Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is back with some new music… the sentiment of the song is awesome, we should all wish for everyone to have everything they can have… and we’re not thinking material items, we’re thinking a right to good education, to good health, and to happiness.

We’re too often focused on what someone else has, we aim to keep others down so we can feel important and wealthy, and it’s no wonder when that’s pretty much how every country on Earth operates.

Instead we need to want everyone to have a good life; through the betterment of those around us we too will grow.

I want you to have it all!

Photography Video

Nemanja Sekulic on YouTube for Awesome Photoshop Tutorials

I’ve been watching videos by Nemanja on YouTube for about 6 months now, jumping back and watching older videos that seem interesting and to be honest, I’m watching a LOT, if not most of his videos. They are all interesting.

At time of writing Nemanja only has 86,298 subscribers and I don’t understand why that number is so small. When boofheads on YouTube have millions of subs why aren’t people following someone giving quality tutorials for Photoshop? His work is amazing.

I have a subscription to Creative Live and we’ve bought videos from RGG and other sources, and yet none of the retouching videos are as thorough or informative as Nemanja’s. Case in point, the How to Select ANYTHING in Photoshop video included below.

Nemanja literally goes through all the different ways to select objects in Photoshop using the marquee, the quick selection tool, the pen tool, color selection and all of their sub-tools. He even goes into the “Calculations” method which I have never even considered. And he gives a brief overview of the Blendif options which he has a dedicated tutorial for.

It’s a long video at around 36 minutes, but it’s also the ONLY video you’ll need to watch about selecting items in Photoshop.


Molly Burke an Inspiration

One of Casey Neistat’s best videos in a while, introducing us to Molly Burke a young lady who has become blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. She’s a YouTuber even though she’s been blind for 9 years!

I think one of the best thing in the video was when Molly talked about how this is her normal…

Give it a look if you have the time, it’s well worth the 12 minutes.


Kids are awesome

I may not have kids of my own, but thankfully folks who do post videos to Youtube so I can live vicariously. 😝

And of course I appreciate when family and friends share photos and videos of their kids too… I’m not one of those who will ever say “Enough of your kid already.” 😝