Chernobyl on HBO

Are we all watching “Chernobyl”? Amazing dramatisation of the events in 1986 at the power plant in Chernobyl, based on real accounts from multiple sources. It’s an amazing piece of TV. One thing the makers did was abandoned the use accents in the movie… so it’s a Russian story with English, American and other voices.… Continue reading Chernobyl

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Lego Masters Australia

First up, thanks to everyone who contacted me about Lego Masters Australia to let me know it was on… I had been waiting for it for a while. It’s Lego so I like it… and I love seeing what people can do with Lego so much better than I could ever imagine. But… there are… Continue reading Lego Masters Australia

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Too Much Action

Today was quite the epic day. Came home from Agengers: Endgame and had a Game of Thrones to watch. So much action for one day. Two epic adventures. One the end of an era. The other an amazing episode building up to a series finale that should be just as insane.

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Santa Clarita Diet Cancelled

Damn you Netflix and everyone who hasn’t watched “Santa Clarita Diet”. They’ve cancelled this quirky comedy. Netflix don’t say it’s because of low views, because they don’t ever report on views… but I imagine is because not enough people watched it and then talked about it getting new people to sign up to Netflix to… Continue reading Santa Clarita Diet Cancelled

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GOT Season 1… Again

Watching “Game of Thrones” season 1 episode 1; because David hasn’t seen them! He’s seen bits and pieces along the way, but he’s never seen a full episode and wants to catch up before the finale of season 8… 😳

Gay of Thrones

If you’re watching Game of Thrones but not watching Jonathan Van Ness‘ “Gay of Thrones” recaps then you are missing out. How are you keeping up with what “Baby Kristen Stewart”, “Christina Aguilera”, “Munch Munch”, “Evil No Volume Carol Brady”, “Sansa Fierce”, and the others are up to. I’m kinda sad this hasn’t been going… Continue reading Gay of Thrones

Black Summer

I’ve watched “Black Summer” on Netflix so you don’t have to…  I’ll grant that I am often busy doing other things and some TV shows sit in the background, so I don’t get fully immersed in them. I’ll often give a new show a couple of uninterrupted episodes before relegating it to background viewing. “Black… Continue reading Black Summer