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Facebook’s Grandiose Claims

I finally got the Facebook sharing is caring video… but man what a lot of hyperbole…

“Facebook is now a community of 2 billion people, and we’re so glad that you’re part of it. We’ve made you this video to share the good that happens when we all come together.”

Well, highly unlikely, Facebook is a community of 2 billion ACCOUNTS and an account does not a person make.”

I sometimes wonder just how small facebook would be if they ditched all of the bot-created, stalker-created and non-duplicate accounts.


Got me a DJI Ronin

DJI Roni M

Got me a DJI Ronin… I called him Keating… get it… yeah you do. Unless you’re in the US, maybe you won’t get it then.

This is just a quick snap on my iPhone, I almost abandoned Keating when I couldn’t get him to balance my 5D on it. David’s little Sony balanced relatively easy. And we did a couple of runs with it out the back with Bill and his ball.

My despondence was alleviated through persistence and I finally got the balance happening with my camera, but now it’s too dark out, so I shall have to wait until the morrow to have a play with it. I might even ruin the balance I’ve achieved so I can rebalance it again and get the hang of it, after all, I’ll need to be able to balance it in the field as required, and go from photography to videography throughout a day of work.

Video rig almost complete with this SmallHD monitor. Now just need to get the mounts for it to connect it to the Ronin.

Small HD 501


Daily Life Technology

Resist Fraudband

The joy of NBN!!!

And this was while it was downloading and installing two other 400MB+ files.

#resistFraudband FTTP is the only way to go.

Daily Life Technology

In for repairs

Argh, will be without my Apple Watch for up to a couple of weeks while it gets replaced. They don’t do in-store replacement for Apple Watches, even with Apple Care+.

In the US it’s a 2-day replacement. Lucky there’s no sun at the moment to burn the white watch patch on my arm.


DJI Mavic

One of the greatest barriers to using drones is the pain-in-the-butt of carrying them around with you given their big size.

Two weeks ago, GoPro said, we can do that better and made a small folding drone, the Karma, with all the power of the bigger guys in a foldable design.

Today, DJI, the makers of the best (IMO) flying cameras said a big “F*** YOU” to GoPro with the announcement of the DJI Mavic

Like the Karma, the Mavic folds down into to a tiny little compact unit that fits easily anywhere, even the props fold. The Karma still requires you to remove the propellers and store them separately.

I’m compelled to get a Mavic, but alas, insufficient funds for non-business related “toys”… so I best start making more money! Or alternatively, I’m considering selling off my Phantom 4 and getting the Mavic. I’m sure the Phantom 4 is a better device, but I’m not using it as much as I could, or should, purely because of the inconvenience of having lug it around. I still have to check out the specs, particularly with the camera in more details before I decide.

Of course, to be fair to the GoPro Karma, it does use a GoPro camera that is detachable and readily used on its own and they have created a whole system of using that one camera and a hand-held unit, the Karma Grip (comes bundled), just like DJI’s Osmo. The advantage being only needing one camera for many applications. Not that anyone can have just one GoPro.

I see DJI’s next move will be to take GoPro head on with an actual action camera.

Check the Mavic out on the DJI store; it’s a thing of beauty.



So it’s been a while since I’ve sat in my chair in our computer room at home. With the way my desk was set up, my computer was sitting to the left of my desk right in the corner of the room. Seems however there’s something in that particular spot which saw my poor computer trapped in some kind of makeshift Faraday cage, so basically I was unable to connect the Internet, it sucked.

But I’ve moved my monitor into the corner and my laptop to the right side of my desk and everything is awesome again. Much better than the alternative, which was to spend $400 on another Airport Extreme to put in our room to extend the network further.

So here’s the latest SpeedTest result from my desk. Our maximums are 100Mb down and 40Mb up… so not bad really.

DJI Phantom 2 Technology

Meet Elroy

I ordered him about a week ago, he’s my 17-year anniversary present, his name is Elroy, and I love him.

Why did I call him Elroy? Well when I was opening the box the theme song from “The Jetsons” was playing through my head, so Elroy it is.

It was raining when I got him home so I wasn’t able to fly him, it was painful to have him sitting there an not be able to fly him. I did however rev him up in the dining room and almost crashed into the wall!

Rule 1: No flying Elroy Inside

There was a quick break in the rain so we ran outside to send him up a little way, I was too scared to let him go too high, it was after all quite dark and I didn’t want to lose him. Besides I think I’ve read it’s against the law to send a drone into the air at night time. They can get quite high and may get high enough to crash with local air traffic.

Rule 2: No flying Elroy at Night

Yesterday was better weather and in the morning I flew him out the back before attaching the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal and sending him up once more to get a shot of the house from above.

Our House from Above

This afternoon Elroy went down to the local pony club, harness club and poultry club centre (everyone has one of those nearby right?) for a more advanced flight. It was awesome. David took some photos of him flying and I put him through his paces. Then David got to have a go telling Elroy where to fly while I took some photos.

We also recorded video, but I still haven’t done anything with it. The gimbal switch on my controller that is supposed to tilt the camera isn’t working, something I need to look at quick smart.

Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight
Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight
Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight
Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight

Review Technology

Review: OSnap! The App

It’s a bit of a boring video, but it was a quick set up. “OSnap!” is currently available for free on the iTunes Store and I wanted to give it a go and see how it compares to the current app I’m using “Miniatures”.

This video was taken on an iPhone 4, about 1.5 hours worth of images (4888 photos @ 1 photo every second) at high quality setting in the application. Took over 3.5 hours to process the photos and an additional 2 hours to turn those photos into a time lapse video and then about 1.5 hours to upload it to Vimeo.

As far as apps go, I wouldn’t ever use this for a time lapse or anything else really. It is good that it saves the pictures in addition to the video, which most don’t, but it’s lame it takes so long to do anything.

What it does well:

  • Produces sharp, clean images.

What it does poorly:

  • Uses sliders for setting values. They are painful to control.
  • Takes too long to do anything.
  • Doesn’t output a standard size (because it’s capturing the photo rather than a video).

What it doesn’t do at all

  • Capture audio, because it’s just taking photos.