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First AFL Game, Not the Last

I finally did it, went to an AFL game and now I know I’ve been missing out. It was a great experience made all the better by the company.

David and I went along with Lauchlan, Michael, Tim, Jared, Peter and Pet to the Geelong vs North Melbourne Round 11 game at Telstra Dome. Had it just been David and I, I think we would have become fearful for our lives during the 3rd and 4th quarters when the North Melbourne supporters around us started to get a little restless.

One thing noted about the spectators at such an event is the total lack of emotion during the first quarter, regardless of their team’s performance, sure they cheer as a goal is scored but overall there is little movement amongst the crowd. The emotion builds as the game goes on. Whether fueled by the closeness of the game or the mid-strength beer kicking in, as we enter the third quarter a swell of “ooohhh” issues from the crowd when ever the ball changes hands. A louder and more pronounced “aaahhh” is heard when a single player makes a long run with the ball.

By the end of the game I was cheering along with them, feeling like an interloper and a little self conscious the first couple of quarters I was quite subdued.

The game was awesome and quite tight. Some Kangaroo (North Melbourne) supporters behind us were a little rowdy. Calling out the usual taunts, how the Umpire is Blind, how unfair it was when North Melbourne were pulled up for a push in the back when Geelong (according to them) were doing it all day. The best was when they called out that they should even the teams by getting some of the guys in red off the field. Obviously they were feeling that Geelong was getting a little help from the umpires. I guess that’s what all good spectators feel when their team is losing.

The stand out spectator for the match was Tim, our photo editor at work, who screamed out his hate for Cameron Mooney every time he scored a goal. Tim’s the guy who has to go through all the photos our photographers capture and I’m guessing that as a North Melbourne supporter he will be cringing a little come Sunday when he goes in to work. His reaction to each goal was hilarious, I would thoroughly recommend going to a game with Tim if you get a chance. He definitely made my first game a memorable one.

At Telstra Dome, and I assume all AFL games, they have a rule about letting in professional cameras. While I dream of one day owning one, at the moment I don’t, so getting my little 400D into the ground was no problem, which is just as well as I had just come from work and had it on me anyway.

As I had the camera there, I snapped a few shots and note with dismay that the 400D is NOT built for low-light distance shots. I bumped the ISO up to 800 and notice that grain became a factor. But all in all, if you don’t look too closely and don’t view them at full size, some of the photos turned out ok.

First game a success, it is nice Geelong won. I think I’ll be going back for more.

See more photos on my Flickr account


Too Much Tech in Sport

Sitting here watching the footy on a Thursday night and what pops up on the screen? Brendan Fevola’s heart rate, we’re seeing live information from a heart-rate monitor that Fev is wearing. Why? I can’t tell you, I’m not really sure how it improves our game watching experience.

At quarter time we’re presented with GPS travel information, showing the players who moved the most during the first quarter, and even the highest speed they achieved. Why? Again I have no idea. It’s all crap information that has no bearing on the game. And I hate it.

Not that I’ve ever watched a full game of cricket on TV. I really don’t like the game. But have noticed their use of heat cameras to see where the ball hits the bat, cameras and microphones in the stumps. It’s just insane. I just want to watch the game and enjoy the guys running around the field.

Oh and while I’m still watching the game, which Richmond are currently winning, if the commentators don’t stop referring to Fevola as “naughtly Fevola” I’m gonna scream. The reference is to his getting busted peeing on the window of an establishment. An incident only known about because of a security cam so far as I can tell, and had he been a regular punter rather than an AFL player, it would have been nothing.


The Biggest Grand Final Win in History

Steve Johnson from the Geelong CatsWell done to the boys from Geelong who have just defeated Port Adelaide 163 to 44, making it the “most lop-sided grand final of all times”.

I’ve watched a few games this season, always Geelong games, and it’s more games than I have ever seen of NRL and I thoroughly enjoy watching the game I knew nothing about three years ago.

Today’s game was awesome, the Cats slaughtered Power, not giving in till the very end.

We’re going to have to join the club for next year and actually attend some live games.

You’ll see some photos from today’s game in the press, but if you want to seem a whole motza of them check out from GSP there are some seriously good photos on the site that will probably never be seen by anyone.

Sport Technology

Welcome “Touchy”

Touchy, My New iPod TouchI know it’s a lame name but I still love him. My little Touchy is a 16GB iPod Touch just purchased today.

I opened the box while at the store but the little sucker has to be connected to iTunes before you can even start using it. I’m currently waiting for it to sync music and videos and photos right now. Haven’t even gone past the first screen yet.

The screen is really clear and the packaging, as you would expect from Apple, was beautiful. Macy Gray must be loving the fact that she is the face on the box of the iPod Touch.

Also currently watching the AFL Grand Final and Geelong is up! You can do it boys, bring the cup home to Victoria!


Go the Mighty Cats

Geelong Football ClubIn what may be a scary thing for my friends and family, I think I finally understand the rush of supporting a team and to be honest I’ve only just started!

I watched the full Geelong vs Collingwood game on Friday night and was on the edge of my seat by the end of it! I twittered updates all through the game and was sending iChat messages to David (who was upstairs on the computer) throughout.

When Collingwood got possession of the ball in the last few minutes and could have pipped Geelong at the post with just one goal I was almost yelling at the TV. But Geelong pulled through to win 92 to 87 and has secured their place in the Grand Final.

I don’t get the game 100% yet, I’ve lived in Melbourne for almost three years and still haven’t attended a live game. That will change next season.

David will say I’m a fair weather friend, because I was talking about switching allegiances last year to St Kilda, but that was for all the wrong reasons (they had better eye-candy). But I stayed with Geelong in the end and now they are going to be Grand Final winners in 2007.

All they have to do is beat Port Adelaide this coming Saturday and I’ll be cheering for sure.

One thing I thought was funny during the game on Friday is the commentators. I swear every time a team scored a goal it was “all over” for the other team. Those guys flip-flop more than a freshly caught fish in a dingy.