Doctor Who x Barbie

Doctor Who Barbie
It’s all good the broken box, I opened it anyway.

I finally found another Doctor Who Barbie on eBay at the regular price… I don’t even mind that the packaging was damaged in transit because this one isn’t staying in her plastic prison.

So I now have the one living in the cupboard, in its original box, in the cardboard box from Matel so it stays pristine. And then this one, who is out of her box and will be taking pride of place in my workroom on the shelf of happiness. 🤪

Unboxing Babie
The initial unboxing was fun.
SciFi TV

Black Mirror Season 4 is Coming

Is weird that I watch the “Black Mirror” season 4 trailer with a smile on my face?

As an anthology series “Black Mirror” is likely one of the best put together series there is at the moment. Always looking at the dark side of humanity in such beautiful (cinematically beautiful) ways.

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Introducing 13!

Introducing the 13th Doctor!!! Jodie Whittaker. 😱

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no issue that The Doctor can regenerate into a female form… it’s just the timing of it. I mean, we’ve literally just had the Master appear as Missy… and Michelle Gomez has been (in my opinion) the best Master ever. So it’s that cross-over that has me questioning the timing. Maybe it could have been held off to the 14th.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the story of the Doctor continuing. I didn’t want Capaldi to go, I think he’s really hit his stride over the last little bit.

I’m sorry for all the crap Jodie Whittaker is about to get from all the people who don’t think the Doctor should ever be a woman… but we’ve had precedent now in a few Time Lords changing gender through regeneration.

I guess my favourite response I’ve read so far to those who say “Doctor Who has always been and should always be a man.” Was: “I’m pretty sure Doctor Who is a fictional alien being who magically changes form upon its death, so it can be whatever the writers want it to be.”

Sometimes we take our fiction to heart. We saw similar backlash when Kate Mulgrew became the first woman to take the Captain’s chair as the major character of a Star Trek series, and she was bloody brilliant. We saw the BS when the Ghostbusters reboot was an all-female team. And we’re already seeing a proverbial shitstorm brewing around the new Star Trek TV show that will feature major roles for African American and Asian female characters.

Interestingly, in all the above examples, the crap was delivered before the shows/roles actually had a viewing. People were screaming boycott purely based on the gender of the characters… but I personally feel in every instance encountered so far, that the ladies did outstanding jobs with the roles.

So, welcome Jodie Whittaker to the Whovian universe. Please take care of the sci-fi character who’s been part of my TV viewing life for the best part of its entirety. I’m hoping you have a long and illustrious time as The Doctor and I look forward to seeing what you make of her!

PS: I’m already liking her outfit!
PPS: Joanna Lumley has already introduced us to a female Doctor in the Comic Relief skit “Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fatal Death”. 🤣


My Star Wars OTP

My OTP… ❤️🤣 #FinnAndPoe

Finn + Poe

Funny Just Cool SciFi

Daily Dose of Daleks

For those who like a little Doctor Who humour, and who doesn’t, I present “The Daily Dalek

The Daily Dalek

Get on over to The Daily Dalek and have a laugh at the (currently) over 100 awesome comics and a little more Doctor Who humour thrown in.

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Battleship (2012) – Teaser Trailer

A movie I think I’d like to see.

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The TARDIS is a she

Idris the Tardis Doctor Who

Today we watched the latest Episode of Doctor Who titled “The Doctor’s Wife”. From the title alone I thought it was going to be about River Song, there has often been hints that there is a full-on relationship with those two. But nope, the Doctor’s “wife” is someone he has known for a whole lot longer.

The episode was written by Neil Gaiman. Known for his Sci Fi and Horror books. The guy is obviously a Doctor Who fan.

An episode of TV hasn’t had me gushing since they LANDED the Battlestar Galactica onto New Caprica to rescue the humans from Cylon occupation.

“The Doctor’s Wife” made me laugh and made me cry. Mr Gaiman really get’s the doctor’s character, which even though it change slightly with each incarnation remains true at the core. Gaiman has introduced us to the one character that we have forever known as “living” but never had opportunity to actually meet. The Doctor’s TARDIS. And he’s done it so very, very well.

Finally we got to see further into the TARDIS which has been mostly off limits in this stream of Doctor Who. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the library or the swimming pool (in the library). A bit of a missed opportunity, but then the way the interior of the TARDIS was used maybe it wouldn’t have been as menacing had it not appeared as it did.

There were awesome one liners and conversation throughout the piece. As River Song would say “Spoilers” follow. If you haven’t seen the episode don’t read any further as they may impact your viewing experience.

Idris (the TARDIS)
“Biting’s excellent! It’s like kissing, but there’s a winner.”

The Doctor
“Oh do you have a name?”
“700 years and finally he asks.”
The Doctor
“So what do I call you?”
“I think you call me… Sexy”
The Doctor (whispering with cupped hand)
“Only when we’re alone.”
“We ARE alone.”
The Doctor
“Well come on then Sexy.”

The Doctor
“I have rebuilt the TARDIS before”
“You’re like a nine year old trying to build a motorbike in his bedroom, and you NEVER read the instructions.”
The Doctor
“I always read the instructions”
“There’s a sign on my front door you have been walking past it for 700 years, what does it say”
The Doctor
“That’s not instructions”
“There’s an instruction at the bottom, what does it say?”
The Doctor
“Pull to open”
“Yes and what do you do?”
The Doctor
“I push.”
“Every single time, 700 years, Police Box doors open out the way.”

The Doctor
“You didn’t always take me where I wanted to go.”
“No, but I always took you where you NEEDED to go.”

“You talk, and run around and bring home strays.” (referring to the Doctor’s many companions)

It really has brought another dimension to the Doctor’s relationship with his spaceship. The TARDIS also comes right out and adds to the story about how they came to be together. Always we’ve been under the impression that the Doctor stole the TARDIS to escape Gallifrey. But rather the TARDIS would have us believe that SHE chose the doctor and SHE stole him so that she could escape her existence as a veritable museum piece and venture into the universe.

I love it, and I want to see more of Neil Gaiman’s writing on the show. He’s brought a show I already love to a new level.

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Star Trek, I’ve missed you

Star Trek Voyager

There’s not much on TV at the moment so I’m looking through our DVD collection of things to watch, we have a few.

I’ve opted for Star Trek Voyager, Season 6, Episode 1: Equinox part II. The story is the continuation of Season 5 cliff-hanger.

I’m not a complete Star Trek Geek, sure I can name most of the episodes of Voyager (well I used to be able to) but I do love the show and the ideals under which Gene Roddenberry created it in the first place.

Each episode contains a moral of some kind, the ideals it presents are ones we should all strive for.

The Prime Directive is all about live and let live. The basic rule is: don’t walk into an existing culture expecting it change to match you. You must respect the culture, not change it, live by it’s rules expect nothing.

I just read that all of the Star Trek franchises are to be remastered and prepared for release on Blu-ray and HD-DVD by the end of this year…. sweet!