Digital Class is a Pain

Every Saturday for the past seven weeks I’ve gone along to a class which is part of our core requirements for my Advanced Diploma of Photography at PSC. On first review of the class outline I thought, this will be great. I’ll learn all about printing at print labs, cause it’s not something I do… Continue reading Digital Class is a Pain

Coming to the Pointy End

Not exactly the end, maybe a pointy peak in the middle. On Wednesday in class we were apparently told next week we’ll be presenting our concept proposals for our end of term portfolios. This means not only do we have to have our written proposal complete, we apparently also have to create a presentation to… Continue reading Coming to the Pointy End

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School is In (again – YAY)

Our poor school. The Photography Studies College suffered greatly in the recent storms, as I mentioned in a previous post. Missed a week of school while they worked to repair the building. Well they are part way through repairs. All the carpet is gone from the top levels. The ground level of the computer and… Continue reading School is In (again – YAY)