Destinations Restaurants


Drove to Geelong to have after work dinner with Kylie, went to Sethro’s Texas BBQ

We were the second last customers before they sold out! Would have been somewhat disappointing had we driven all that way and have it sold out. 🙃

Service was crazy fast. Food was delish.

I had the Texas Brisket Sandwich ($17.00): 150g meat, pickle, onion, cheese, and BBQ Sauce.

David and Kyle had Brisket boxes which came with sides and a “Texas napkin”; which I quickly learnt was a piece of white bread.

Their kitchen looks massive, but they only have a couple of tables in the dining area. Apparently they often sell out at lunch time, and once the day’s cook is sold they pack it in and go home.


Taco Bill

Can you guess where we decided to go for dinner?

We do love Taco Bill. We go there every now and then, maybe too often. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nachos are my favourite thing.


Gravity Cafe & Bar

If you make your way to Colac and these folks are open, they are well worth the drop in.

Brilliant food, welcoming staff. The only thing I can say bad about Gravity is that it’s in Colac… too far away for me to enjoy it every day.

Had a beef burger and chips. The burger was delish, the patty was moist and a delight to the mouth. The chips seemed like they were cut with an extra thick spiralizer. Served with a great aioli, the only disappointment with the chips is I wanted more… I didn’t need more, I just wanted more. 🤪

Daily Life Restaurants

Cafe Blues

We have been going to our local café, the Waterstone Café, for about two years now. Going for breakfast on weekends, the occasional lunch and of late the occasional dinner on Friday.

Recently the Café has changed hands and the new owner Lina is a lovely lady but…

The last time we took people there for dinner they had no wine (sparkling or flat) that was on their wine list. Our dinners were served over 15 minutes apart which left ours cold even though our friends insisted we start eating.

Two times prior to this we had been for breakfast and my drink (a simple order of mineral water) never arrived. Once David was given the wrong type of omelette, containing mushrooms something he never eats.

Even once when we went there for cake and coffee with Mel and Linda only two orders of cake came, the cake the girls ordered hadn’t arrive after 20 minutes and Linda (who works there part time) had to ask what was going on. The waiter went away to find out where the cake was, but nether he or the cake returned and Linda had to ask again before the rest of the order arrived.

Today was the last straw for us. We went for breakfast again. I ordered the Waterstone Breakfast, David his usual Omlette (with Ham, Capsicum, Tomato etc). Today I ordered a Coke Zero, David a latte.

What we got was a Waterstone Breakfast, without the Bacon. An omelette, without the ham or cheese. A Diet Coke, not a Coke Zero. Three errors in a single order is about three errors too many. I received my bacon after asking for it. Drank the Diet Coke without complaint. David didn’t bother complaining about his omelette, feeling that having complained on each other occasion has not resulted in change.

So we’re done with them. They can’t have any more of our money… guess we’ll be trekking back to Williamstown and La Dolce Vita for our weekend breakfast again. I checked out some spotting scope reviews, we are going to get a new scope for our rifle and bring it with us. I hate it when a good thing goes bad.

Daily Life Restaurants

Off and Running

The Bunyip CafeIt has been an early start to today, we’ve been out for breakfast at “The Bunyip Cafe” across from the South Melbourne Markets, had our hair cut, had some stupid problem with the Laser fixed, been to check out the Toyota Prius and have now had lunch and am ready for a nanna nap before heading out to Sue Z’s tonight to play with her 24 inch iMac.

Reminds me I have to transfer some more music to my iPod before tonight.

But more about the Bunyip, it’s a great little cafe at 313 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, an old house turned cafe it is decorated with a lot of early 70’s kitch and some great glow decoration to make it look even better. Bit of a step back in time. Great food, great service.

And while I’m mentioning great service, I have to say thanks to the guys at the Valvoline Service Centre on Old Geelong Road, Hopper Crossing. The Laser has been doing this annoying thing, kind of surging at the oddest times. They jumped in the car to take a look and nothing happened while they tested it. But they said bring it back if anything happens, not 10 metres away it started again, we did a U-turn and off they drove again… for them, nothing unusal happened again!!!

But they still took time to have a look at possible causes for such things. Took of the distributor cap and scraped some crap of some parts in their and said that “could”  be the problem, but without experiencing it didn’t know if it would do any good.

So far we’ve been a fair way and it problem has not recurred. It cost us nothing for them to look at it and do the magic and they were nice guys about our problem that, for them, didn’t exist.

Family & Friends Restaurants

Mum’s Birthday

Today is Mum’s birthday, other than a spot of shopping we’ve ended the day with dinner at one of our favourites, Viva Zappitas in Williamstown.

This restaurant is no longer one of our favourites. It seems that while a couple of the staff are the same, the restaurant has changed dramatically. The menu was different, the service was bad and our all round experience was unpleasant. All in all, not what I wanted for the first time taking my mum, sister and nephew to what has been, until now, a great place to eat.

David sent them an e-mail and we have advised them that while we had been there numerous times since being in Melbourne, and taken practially everyone we know there, we will not return again. Taco Bill is now our number one Mexican Restaurant (truth be told, it always has been, but it is in the city… williamstown is much closer).

We finished off the night with cake and coffee (for those who drink it) at home. We also presented mum with a bottle of Chivas Regal.

Daily Life Destinations Family & Friends Restaurants

A Day in Yarra Valley

SIX AM… I had to write it like that cause I can’t do 6 as capital letters and didn’t want to downplay the way I felt on Friday night when David told me I had to wake up so early Saturday to go to Yarra Valley with Friends and Family.

Yoiks! 6am! The plan was Domaine Chandon (and Green Point Wines) for some tasting and to pick up some favourites then De Bortoli for lunch. Craig and Mark were coming, along with Sharon (David’s mum), Peter (David’s dad) and Jody (David’s sister).

We did the family thing, three kids in the back seat parents in the front and just for a little fun the three of us in the back (now all 30+) decided to act like kids. A lot of “Are we there yet?”, “Mum, Jody’s on my side of the seat.” and “Mum, Jody’s touching me”… let’s just say that last one lead to a whole lot of in appropriate comments, some even from Sharon. It was an event filled ride.

Daily Life Destinations Restaurants

The Birthday

Bowling Final Game Final Score

The morning started off with chopped chicken on toast, topped with melted cheese.

Then off to the city to pick up David’s present, a paster roller, cutter for the KitchenAid.

Back to the Pub at Crown Casino for the usual fantastic fair, in for a spot of Rapid Big Wheel (we came out about $2 ahead) and down to bowling at  Strike inside the crown complex.

On the way home we stopped in at the Cheesecake Shop, where we got a half-half, Cheesecake and Orange Poppyseed (David’s favourite).

We’re out tonight to Viva Zapatas in Williamstown, an old favourite.