Is Issy Gay?

Or just a hateful piece of sh*t? One has no choice but to feel sorry for someone like Israel Folau… history has shown us time, and time, and time again: those who hold such public contempt for gay people are dealing with their own homosexual tendencies. This isn’t an attack on him, it’s an earnest… Continue reading Is Issy Gay?

Private Health is Piracy

A rant for today about Private Health, you know, the service we’re all made to sign up for by our government. There’s a lot said about socialised medicine. The gist being it’s a burden on our society we can’t afford as a nation. The government that has just been returned to power is going to… Continue reading Private Health is Piracy

Be Debt Free

Hey kids, be debt free, it’s much better than owning things you can’t actually afford. Debt is just a shackle in your life. I have just paid off a credit card and boy does it feels good to know I’m going to have a bunch more money each month that was really going to pay… Continue reading Be Debt Free

We Need Our Healthcare

Medicine in Australia

First a note: I’m perfectly fine. On the road to recovery. Yesterday I presented to my GP with acute abdominal pain, I knew what was wrong, and I was trying to head off a visit to the Emergency Department, but to no avail. The doctor upon examining me said I had to go to Emergency.… Continue reading We Need Our Healthcare

Muddled Message

Kanye West is crazy right? I mean, certifiable for sure. After having a meltdown on stage a while back he had to go into involuntary lockdown for a week during which he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. In recent weeks it seems he’s gone a long way to reclaim the spotlight, though mostly through his… Continue reading Muddled Message

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