Election 2019: Know Your Candidates

If you haven’t already voted, and you’re not sure about the multitude of people on the ballot in your electorate, you can check them out via the ABC site https://www.abc.net.au/news/elections/federal/2019/guide/electorates How to vote cards handed out by the folks outside the polling place are really just lists in order of preference deals made, it’s taking YOUR… Continue reading Election 2019: Know Your Candidates

Vote Early!

Voting all done! Yay to that. It’s good to be able to avoid the calamity that is democracy day when the masses and the madness come out to vote en mass. We voted early today ahead of the May 18, 2019 election date. It’s cool they have those little printers that print out the green… Continue reading Vote Early!

An Honest Government Ad

Just in case we need to be reminded going into the election… don’t vote for Liberal they do not have your interests at heart and they can’t be swayed, they are being infiltrated and influenced by religious groups who don’t pay taxes and at least one group that doesn’t even vote, but puts money in… Continue reading An Honest Government Ad

Partyroom Politics

Marriage Equality is the subject for today in the party rooms. They will, hopefully, be discussing Dean Smith’s private member’s bill and, hopefully, they will approve it for discussion and a vote in parliament. The government is crazy if they think they can survive NOT putting this forward. It has gone on long enough, over… Continue reading Partyroom Politics


It’s a long video, and yeah it’s US based but there’s still plenty to see in this 8 minute video that is of use to everyone.

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