Being a Good MP

My recipe for being a good member of parliament: Understand that your position is as a representative for the Australian People, with a focus on your local constituency. Leave your biases at the door; this includes personal feelings and religious leanings (or lack there of). Surround yourself with people who have differing opinions. With each… Continue reading Being a Good MP

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Private Health is Piracy

A rant for today about Private Health, you know, the service we’re all made to sign up for by our government. There’s a lot said about socialised medicine. The gist being it’s a burden on our society we can’t afford as a nation. The government that has just been returned to power is going to… Continue reading Private Health is Piracy

Loss Leader

Saw an interesting post of twitter implying Clive Palmer may have been a Liberal shill this Election. The UAP ran with some solid US vs THEM messaging that is expected from Clive and his ilk, and wouldn’t be tolerated if it was directly done by any of the major parties as blatantly. He spend a… Continue reading Loss Leader

Election Woes

My poor brain is breaking trying to figure out why this election is so close! How are the coalition not being trounced. What did Labor do so wrong in Queensland? Appears the United Australia Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation are helping the libs out. I guess the ignorant fear campaigns still play well with… Continue reading Election Woes

Election 2019 Update 3

16,424,248 electors enrolled to vote – 😳 I wonder what the informal vote count will be… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 0.01% of polling places have counted first preferences.0.02% of polling places have counted Two Candidate Preferred (TCP)

Election 2019 Update 2

37% of people voted before the election, either via postal vote or pre-polling. Crazy.  In the last State election we postal voted, in this one we pre-voted. Makes so much more sense than joining the throng of folks on a cold autumn morning.  We do of course miss out on our democracy sausage, so there… Continue reading Election 2019 Update 2

Democracy Day 2019

I voted over a week ago, but if you haven’t yet, today is the day. And if you’re voting today please remember a few of things: Your vote is important. Consider your candidates: On the big white paper, vote below the line, then you don’t have to care about who the candidates are giving their preferences… Continue reading Democracy Day 2019

But Grains of Sand…

If you believe Alan Jones’ BS about our one grain of rice not making a difference, and if you’re thinking of voting for a party that doesn’t have a climate change policy or has a commitment to fossil fuels. Then don’t vote… your vote is just one in a pool of millions, how much of… Continue reading But Grains of Sand…