A Guest Post on Toy Photographers Blog

“Why do you photograph Lego?”, “What’s with all the toy photos?”, “Your little men are funny… what got you into photographing them?” – Questions I’m asked all the time. You can find out the answer to that question over at Toy Photographers where I answer “Why?”. It was a great honour to be asked to… Continue reading A Guest Post on Toy Photographers Blog


Print Delivery

My prints came today from my panoramas of the Split Point Lighthouse. They look nice. I did a cropped version to the print size and also a couple of full versions (one in metallic). I’m impressed with the quality of the larger print given they were taken with a drone… but then, it is a… Continue reading Delivery

Two days with Astro the Phantom 4 from DJI

Yep there he is, and yes if you look closely you can probably notice that the right rear light (if looking from this way) is missing a part. It fell off when Astro tumbled from my roof yesterday. I noticed it when looking through these photos and have found and replaced the parts.

Yes I name my technology. When you pay more for it than you would a puppy and it brings you, almost, as much joy, it deserves a name. So Astro he is. Astro is my upgrade of Elroy, my Phantom 2 with GoPro drone. I have a few things to say about the Phantom 4 from… Continue reading Two days with Astro the Phantom 4 from DJI

Astro’s First Flight

Astro's first flight - DJI Phantom 4

Today we welcomed Astro into our little family of technology. We purchased Astro from the Highpoint Apple Store, apparently Apple have an exclusive agreement with DJI to stock them for a short time. In a press release about the partnership the head of DJI said that most people who buy DJI products are also Apple users… Continue reading Astro’s First Flight

Shooting with Michael


Today was David’s photoshoot with Michael Popovski. I was the assistant today; the one who schleps the equipment around. I also took some behind the scenes shots. At one point I jumped in and took a couple of natural light shots. The one edited in colour and monochrome is my favourite of the day. David… Continue reading Shooting with Michael