The Warp Tool

Man, I spend too much time looking at the crotches of people… as a photographer, it seems this is where a lot of things can go wrong. Mostly though, it’s with Zippers. I have found the warp tool in Photoshop an invaluable tool to aid in tidying up things that go awry. As you can… Continue reading The Warp Tool

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Nemanja Sekulic on YouTube for Awesome Photoshop Tutorials

How to select ANYTHING in Photoshop by Nemanja Sekulic

I’ve been watching videos by Nemanja on YouTube for about 6 months now, jumping back and watching older videos that seem interesting and to be honest, I’m watching a LOT, if not most of his videos. They are all interesting. At time of writing Nemanja only has 86,298 subscribers and I don’t understand why that number… Continue reading Nemanja Sekulic on YouTube for Awesome Photoshop Tutorials

Facebook Ad Fail

I’ve run my first-ever Facebook ad and it is a bit of a fail. The post crosses over to Instagram, as Facebook ads are want to do, but it doesn’t respect the crop of the images. As a photographer it’s not awesome to see my images cropped funny on Instagram, especially when you’re using them… Continue reading Facebook Ad Fail

Mathew Zeven 2018

Photoshoot with Mathew Zeven at Urquharts Bluff Beach, April 1st, 2018. Mathew was the winner of the 2018 WFF Kahma Classic Pro Sports Model Men held in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, Australia on March 25th, 2018.

It has become somewhat of a tradition to photograph Mathew each year just after he has competed and he’s in peak condition. Our third shoot with Mathew was just a couple of days ago and seeing the photos from our first and second you can see he’s come a long way year on year. Mathew… Continue reading Mathew Zeven 2018

Canon Kid No More

Canon 5DsR

OMGoodness what have I done! We head into the city today to get David a new lens. He had been busy in the weeks prior selling a bunch of stuff, including his old A-Mount lenses and an older laptop to afford his new lens. As usual we hit all of the camera stores along Elizabeth… Continue reading Canon Kid No More

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YAY, I got a first place!

I haven’t entered anything in our Camera Club comps for a while, been so busy with work. But environmental portraits are something I was very excited about as a subject. This is Di, she runs a store in Fitzroy North called Clara Fox, it’s quite the eclectic store. She was featured in TMix+ magazine for… Continue reading YAY, I got a first place!

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