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Flickr was the first major photo-sharing platform in the world, you may not know, it actually started as part of a video game… “Game Neverending“, players basically had to “collect” things by taking photos of them… well that game didn’t ever see the light of day; but Flickr was birthed from its ashes.In recent times it has obviously found competition in Facebook, Instagram, 500px, etc and it hasn’t been able to sustain itself, even while being, in my opinion, a much better platform for photographers.

  • Instagram: only hosts small files, with little engagement, it has become “tap-tap scroll”, and little else.
  • Facebook: now officially the world’s largest image sharing platform, does horrible things to our images. It crunches them and ads artefacts into the files, it’s a constant struggle to try and figure out the right way to upload your images so they look the best.
  • 500px: recently sold to a Chinese company and wants to be a user-generated stock library more than anything else.

Flickr continues

Sold by Yahoo (via Verizon) to SmugMug it’s losing money and a letter today from SmugMug is a call-to-arms to the photography community to try and keep the lights on.

Flickr gives us large images, the ability to see an artist’s work in all its digital glory. It gives us groups and galleries, it is better for photographers that Facebook will ever be. I’m personally sad to see it in decline.


Spigots to Spare

Spigots used in photography for attaching lights and other stuff to light stands.

Can you ever have too many?

It seems we lose spigot-thingies all the time, so I bought a bunch from Aliexpress so we’ll have plenty on hand, for a time at least.


Shoot with Adam

Adam in St Kilda

Adam was great today, he hasn’t really modelled before, but his friends tell him he should and he actually has another shoot lined up in the near future…

For a lot of folks we seem to be their first, so hopefully we do a good enough job that they keep going.

Are there things I’d change about this shot if I did it over, for sure, like getting him to hook the jacket with a finger instead of having his whole hand inside in. And maybe a little more happiness in the face that would lift the eyes.

More shots to come… Melbourne weather was being a bit of a pain today. We had to move a couple of times to get out of the rain, but I think we did OK. Would be happy to work with Adam again when the weather wants to warm up a bit.

Models Photography

Quick Post of Adam

Adam at the basketball court in Docklands
Adam at the basketball court in Docklands

Quick and dirty edit on phone from the set with Adam today. More to come…

Flickr Find Photography

Flickr Get Back Into It

Everyone knows that Flickr is still a thing right?

I’ve been a member of Flickr since 2006. 

I still use Flickr for my record snaps as well as my other work. If you want to see some cringeworthy images, flick back through my 91 pages. 🤪

You can find me at


Model Shoot Failed

For a day that is supposed to get to 30 degrees, it’s starting off quite fresh! Just 10 degrees here at Princes Pier.

We waited for our model to arrive for almost an hour and a half before we finally gave up, no contact from her at all.

David checked on Facebook and could see the bit where it tells you the last time someone was active and it showed she was awake and on Facebook at 6:30am. She was due to meet us by 7am and was coming from St Kilda, so she should have been on her way by then.

We don’t usually shoot with the ladies. She has some fitness outfits she was keen to get photographed, but that didn’t happen.

We had travelled down from Bacchus Marsh, getting ourselves up at 5:30am to make sure we were there on time. We do this for fun and we don’t charge these folks for our time to travel, to shoot and then to edit the photos we take. So when someone doesn’t turn up… twice now for this girl… it’s kind of frustrating.

The first time we understood, even though we again travelled form Bacchus Marsh, during peak hour traffic on a weeknight to shoot at sunset with her. It turned out there was a major protest in the city and all the cross-city transport had been shut down, so there was no way for her to get to us.

This time though, we knew she had been awake, we knew she had seen David’s message to her, and she failed to reply until just as we had finished backing the car… almost 2 hours after she was due to be there, to tell us she slept through her alarm, which was clearly false given her Facebook activity.

And just look at the image, the sun was going to be awesome for the shots we wanted to take!

The view from Prince's Pier in Port Melbourne

Missed opportunity, and she won’t get another one from us.


Lean Into It – Photography / Modelling Tip

Thought I’d share a little insight should anyone be interested.

Here are two images I took of Zach, they were taken with a 24-70 lens at 24mm from a very low angle, almost from the ground.

In the first image you’ll note that Zach’s body appears to be leaning backwards, his head smaller than in the second and the lower parts of his torso and legs, closer to the camera appearing larger. In this image, Zach was actually standing upright.

Zach standing upright.
Zach standing upright.

In the second image I asked Zach to lean forward, to him it felt weird, and to onlookers probably looked like he was leaning like Michael Jackson in the “Smooth Criminal” video ( see below ). But what I was doing was trying to get all of Zach’s body on the same focal plane, adjacent to the camera’s sensor so we’d not see the distortion in his body.

Zach leaning forward, into the shot.
Zach leaning forward, into the shot.

The result was a more natural looking image rather than one where Zach looks like he’s leaning backwards in the shot.

Daily Life Family & Friends Photography

BillTheDoggin, Work, Photos, and Friends

BillTheDoggin taken with a prism.

Today is Bill’s birthday! Happy birthday BillTheDoggin, today he turned 8… where does the time go, seriously.

My day started out with work, I have a deadline looming for a new site and I am a little behind after some server issues we had at the end of last week and into this week, so I’m in high gear getting that done… more about that when it launches next week. But in short, I’ll be chained to my desk all day Sunday and into Monday… fun times.

I did get away from my desk for a time today.  A few weeks back I ran a promoted post on Instagram looking for local folks who wanted to model for us. I got a few responses, one hasn’t gotten back to me after initial contact, another cancelled on the morning of our shoot, but today one came through for us.

Today we met with Zach and his Dad at Carlton Gardens in Melbourne for a shoot. The day was threatening rain early in the morning, the winds were up and it was freezing, I was feeling sorry to be the one to drag Zach out into the cold for a shoot. But thankfully, the sun came out and we ended up with a pleasant 20°C and a mixture of sunshine and shadow throughout our shoot.

Zach is a 16 year old from Williamstown who has been getting into fitness over the last couple of years. His initial inspiration he says came from a comedy podcast he was listening to, something the comedians had to say sparked an interest and sent him on his journey. After a short while he says it became a passion.

His parents are supportive of his interests and it shows as his Dad came along today, at our request, to be around for the shoot. At 16 it was just preferable to have a parent along for the ride.

We made some great photos and I’ll be diving into the edits for those over the coming days but for now, a rushed edit from the day.

Portrait of Zach
Portrait of Zach taken at Carlton Gardens Melbourne.

Following the shoot we stopped in with Sue and Lana for a quick visit. Lana threw together some viennese hotdogs with onion, bacon, and cheese. I certainly left their place full to the gullet.

It was quite the busy day and a fun-filled day for sure, well after I stopped working, oh who am I kidding, I actually like what I’m working on at the moment.