Flickr is offering 25% off Pro plans with the code 25in2019 Flickr was the first major photo-sharing platform in the world, you may not know, it actually started as part of a video game… “Game Neverending“, players basically had to “collect” things by taking photos of them… well that game didn’t ever see the light… Continue reading Flickr…

Spigots to Spare

Can you ever have too many? It seems we lose spigot-thingies all the time, so I bought a bunch from Aliexpress so we’ll have plenty on hand, for a time at least.

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Shoot with Adam

Adam was great today, he hasn’t really modelled before, but his friends tell him he should and he actually has another shoot lined up in the near future… For a lot of folks we seem to be their first, so hopefully we do a good enough job that they keep going. Are there things I’d… Continue reading Shoot with Adam

Flickr Get Back Into It

Everyone knows that Flickr is still a thing right? I’ve been a member of Flickr since 2006.  I still use Flickr for my record snaps as well as my other work. If you want to see some cringeworthy images, flick back through my 91 pages. 🤪 You can find me at

Model Shoot Failed

For a day that is supposed to get to 30 degrees, it’s starting off quite fresh! Just 10 degrees here at Princes Pier. We waited for our model to arrive for almost an hour and a half before we finally gave up, no contact from her at all. David checked on Facebook and could see… Continue reading Model Shoot Failed