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Wet Bungee Makes a Good lol?

More at I Can Has CheezBurger?

I know it’s the second time I blogged a LOLCAT (well not a lolcat in this case). But they are so funny at times and I decided to submit one or two.

The one above is Bungee after her first ever bath, at least I think it’s Bungee… it could be Pounder. It’s hard to tell when they are wet!

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I Can Has Cheezburger?

LOL CATS are funny.

Yoda Cat

Check them out at I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

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MySpace, How Queen Victoria of You

My Space Profile, no longer for the gays.Maybe they have their fill of the gays on MySpace, cause guess what? You can’t choose it on your profile anymore. Sad I know… gays don’t exist but swinging lesbians roam free.

Someone wrote that the gay option only shows up if you choose male and lesbian if you choose female. Well two things to that. One I ddefinitely have “male” checked and two, some lesbians prefer the term “gay”. What are those crazy minions of Murdoch up to?

Jeez Louise, I can be “bi” but that would be lying cause I’ve never ever gone THAT way. Let us hope it’s a temprary problem they will fix up soon.

First seen on Towleroad who saw it on QueerClick.

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See Some Mobile Blogs

To see some of the blog posts I’ve done from my N95 check out . I’ll keep looking for a way to get my mobile to post here… they it’ll all be great… I’ll have a complete mobile solutions without the need for a laptop (but I still want a macbook pro sometime in the future).

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Geek Fun

Vedran at work told me about a great site today… here I was thinking IRC was dead and yet it seems to be alive and well.

There is a cool site called QDB found at A couple of gems I found today include;

#639555 (2864)
* @darklyndsea claws bizarre’s eyes out
< @Bizarre> (

#62388 (175)
< Marticus > i am perusing wil wheatons web log
< toe2toe > What is “being fucking bored and running out of things to do on the internet”
< toe2toe > oh sorry…  i thought this was jeopardy there for a second

#54074 (394)
Cat1013: Whoops
Cat1013: I just really confused my grandma.
HermitKing: She has IM?
Cat1013: She just got it. I was talking to her, and she asked about my new car.
Cat1013: I said that it was fine, but that it makes a funny noise whenever I shift.
HermitKing: So?
Cat1013: I left the “f” out of “shift”.

#56808 (76)
< SJr|Tecra > Someone say something to take my mind off the pain.
< wizer > just pleasure your self you will feel better
* wizer brb
< arrow| > probably going to take his own advice

#48390 (502)
< mindcrime > i er
< mindcrime > hung up with the pizza dude
< mindcrime > and i were like going to say “ah, lovely, thanks”
< mindcrime > and i er
< mindcrime > managed to say “I love you”
< mindcrime > he must think im a complete freak

#56536 (284)
< Zak- > she’s cute as
< Zak- > somebody find her for me
< Agrajag > are you crazy? i thought females were just things people made up on the internet
< Octane > There’s only two types of females: *.jpgs and *.gifs.

#723561 (16)
< Gwill|drunk > Backspace is my firend tonithg.
< Gwill|drunk > Or maybe nt…

#721847 (256)
< ninj4 > my neighbour has THE nicest ass
< ninj4 > oh, and his wife’s isn’t bad either

#170 (1783)
[@smcn] like #bearcave. you wouldn’t expect it to be a gay channel. YOU WOULD EXPECT IT TO BE A CHANNEL ABOUT BEARS WOULDN’T YOU!

This next ones aren’t exactly child friendly so kids look away.

#20240 (544)
< outcaste > costume party tip #417 – If you forget to pick up a costume, just turn up in your underwear. If someone asks you what you’ve arrived as, just say “premature ejaculation – I came in my underwear”.

#47717 (229)
< zocor> anyone wanna watch a guy jerk off on cam
< zocor> oh shit… wrong channel :/

Yes some of them are crude, some are rude and some are very funny but I can’t list here because my mum might get around to reading this one day.

So if you have a history in IRC or any IM for that matter then check out the latest listings on They should have you laughing.

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Kid with Two Fathers

Great YouTube vid… there are times I wish we could have kids… but then I’d have to share all my toys. And it’s my Lego dammit!

PS It’s a reading video… I know some people out there don’t like watch and read, but please make an exception. It’s just so cute.

Oh and one quick thing, there have been a few videos I’ve wanted to add in the past, but never got around to it because one thing about WordPress; it doesn’t like you messing with the HTML it thinks you should have here. So today, because I really wanted to include this one, I went searching. And found Viper’s Video Quicktags. Great little wordpress plug-in.

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iPod Mania

To anyone who thought I had too many iPods… check it out at TechEBlog. A short piece on strange iPod cases. The cat one, it just looks so wrong.

On the iPod theme we went to JB Hi-Fi yesterday and we saw the new coloured Nanos, they are sweet as, not that I have any way to justify the purchase of yet another iPod. They are so tiny and so brightly coloured. And they come in a clear plastic hard case. Apple again reviewing their packaging and deciding to take everything away… obviously they feel they’ve reached the level of popularity where there is nothing more to say about the product and they just let it stand on its own.

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Work of Art

Shades of Gray – Read it now!