Not Just lolcats

More at I Can Has CheezBurger? I know it’s the second time I blogged a LOLCAT (well not a lolcat in this case). But they are so funny at times and I decided to submit one or two. The one above is Bungee after her first ever bath, at least I think it’s Bungee… it… Continue reading Not Just lolcats

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See Some Mobile Blogs

To see some of the blog posts I’ve done from my N95 check out . I’ll keep looking for a way to get my mobile to post here… they it’ll all be great… I’ll have a complete mobile solutions without the need for a laptop (but I still want a macbook pro sometime in… Continue reading See Some Mobile Blogs

Geek Fun

Vedran at work told me about a great site today… here I was thinking IRC was dead and yet it seems to be alive and well. There is a cool site called QDB found at A couple of gems I found today include; #639555 (2864) * @darklyndsea claws bizarre’s eyes out < @Bizarre> (… Continue reading Geek Fun

Kid with Two Fathers

Great YouTube vid… there are times I wish we could have kids… but then I’d have to share all my toys. And it’s my Lego dammit! PS It’s a reading video… I know some people out there don’t like watch and read, but please make an exception. It’s just so cute. Oh and one quick… Continue reading Kid with Two Fathers

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iPod Mania

To anyone who thought I had too many iPods… check it out at TechEBlog. A short piece on strange iPod cases. The cat one, it just looks so wrong. On the iPod theme we went to JB Hi-Fi yesterday and we saw the new coloured Nanos, they are sweet as, not that I have any… Continue reading iPod Mania