Flashback with Melissa Tkautz

For a flashback Friday, music wise, we’re going back to 1992 when Melissa Tkautz was telling us to “Read My Lips” because “Sexy is the Word”. I was very into the dancers from the “Sexy” video. She of course followed this up a few years later with a redo of Shelia E’s “Glamorous Life”.

Cardi Kills It

If you’re going to wear an outfit… wear it like Cardi B! #nextLevel Cardi arrived at the divinely themed Gala in a gem-encrusted Moschino gown fit for a queen, showing off her baby bump in the process. … Made from tulle and silk organza and filled with down, the hand-embroidered dress is also decorated with… Continue reading Cardi Kills It

Me! Launch

Swifty’s new single “ME” drops within the hour… 🤩 Waiting patiently… I was never a fan of her younger music, but I really did like “Reputation” so I’m interested to see how “TS7” will sound…  I’m working and listening to “Reputation” while I wait for “ME” to launch. UPDATE: the video is pretty cool, quite… Continue reading Me! Launch

Kylie in my ears

Today’s music is brought to my ears by Kylie Minogue. “Golden” Kylie’s latest album has taken some getting used to. The twangy sounds of acoustic instruments has taken some getting used to. But I like that over the years Kylie has played with different sounds. Her album “Kylie Minogue” and followup album “Impossible Princess” were… Continue reading Kylie in my ears

Two albums one day

Shawn Mendes – “Shawn Mendes” (Not “FaceTime”, as David keeps calling it, because of the cover image) Chvrches – “Love is Dead” These two should keep my ears happy today. Might pop back with a review in the future.

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Have it All – Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is back with some new music… the sentiment of the song is awesome, we should all wish for everyone to have everything they can have… and we’re not thinking material items, we’re thinking a right to good education, to good health, and to happiness. We’re too often focused on what someone else has,… Continue reading Have it All – Jason Mraz

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Annie Lennox – Bare

I just performed a search on my own site for “Annie Lennox”, I felt surely I have blogged about this album before… but nope, can’t find it, which is weird, I was still a prolific blogger 14 years ago, when this album as first released… 14 years ago… fark, I’m feeling old right now. Bare… Continue reading Annie Lennox – Bare

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