Mathew Zeven 2018

Photoshoot with Mathew Zeven at Urquharts Bluff Beach, April 1st, 2018. Mathew was the winner of the 2018 WFF Kahma Classic Pro Sports Model Men held in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, Australia on March 25th, 2018.

It has become somewhat of a tradition to photograph Mathew each year just after he has competed and he’s in peak condition. Our third shoot with Mathew was just a couple of days ago and seeing the photos from our first and second you can see he’s come a long way year on year. Mathew… Continue reading Mathew Zeven 2018

Shooting with Michael in Melbourne

A morning of shooting with Michael in and around Melbourne.

David and I had a bunch of fun today in the city shooting with Michael. After a false-start, due to a fun run shutting down our original location, I think we made some nice shots with the spots we found. With Run Melbourne and Melbourne Open House on today, it was a very busy city… Continue reading Shooting with Michael in Melbourne

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An Out-take

An out-take from yesterday, just to show that Moe isn’t always as serious as some of these photos would imply. During our studio session I said to him, “I want to see more intensity… maybe a bit of anger in your face.” And Moe replied, “I don’t know what it is to be angry, I… Continue reading An Out-take

A Day with Moe

Moe has change a lot in the 10 months since we last shot with him. He’s dropped a bunch of excess and got a bit of muscle going on. Today’s shoot took us to Urquhart Bluff, a beach just past Anglesea, then back to our house for some studio shots, and on to the streets… Continue reading A Day with Moe


Dylan taken at Fairhaven Beach along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Meet Dylan, taken this morning at Fairhaven Beach on the Great Ocean Road. Dylan hails from Colac and next week will be competing in his first INBA Fitness Competition. Wish him good luck in his upcoming divisions. Dylan was joined by his girlfriend Ebony who is also competing in next week’s events. She also had… Continue reading Dylan

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Shooting with Michael


Today was David’s photoshoot with Michael Popovski. I was the assistant today; the one who schleps the equipment around. I also took some behind the scenes shots. At one point I jumped in and took a couple of natural light shots. The one edited in colour and monochrome is my favourite of the day. David… Continue reading Shooting with Michael