Tick F*cking Tock

Tick F*cking Tock

An irreverent look at the rise of the Doug Anthony All Stars (DAAS), and the unexplained untimely end to their initial run when they were on the top of their game. It was around 13 years after they ended their run that Tim Ferguson opened up to his former bandmates that he was suffering from… Continue reading Tick F*cking Tock

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11 Year-Old Me

“He take an interest in ‘new’ words and tries to use them in his stories.” Followed by “Handwriting could be improved even more” And ends with “He is one of the politest and co-operative boys in 6th grade. He does enjoy a good talk though!” Thanks Mrs Cleary (who incidentally taught my older brother at… Continue reading 11 Year-Old Me

The Tomorrow People 2013

Watched the first episode of The Tomorrow People last night. Have been hanging for this one. It didn’t disappoint. A remake, well based on the concept, of the 1970’s show of the same name, 2013’s The Tomorrow People has slick visuals. Just wish they’d kept the term “jaunting” instead of teleporting. I used to pretend… Continue reading The Tomorrow People 2013

Memories Fade

Halo James’ “Could Have Told You So” a crappy, pop-plastic 80s song to most is full of great memories for me. I don’t know why but I vividly remember the day I bought it, not the actual date, but the experience of buying it. It’s weird the way our memories work. I was in the… Continue reading Memories Fade