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Inspiration of The Handmaid’s Tale

Even if you don’t like the story of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, if you’re into photography or film making you should watch it for the wonderful cinematic views.

Not a single scene has something in it that isn’t meant to be there. Each one is coordinated to bring the story along. Even the colour-tones in the shadows are (in my opinion) a sign of who is in charge in the current scene.

In the muted colour palette, the strong use of Red, Green, Blue pop the characters from the screen. The use of well-timed and crisp close-up shots was a delight.

I enjoyed the story, though sad, the telling was powerful… but it is definitely the look of the production that I loved even more.

A handmaid's tale screenshot

A handmaid's tale screenshot

A handmaid's tale screenshot

A handmaid's tale screenshot





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A Beautiful Hiking Video

The maker says it’s not, but it really is a beautiful hiking video…


Six v Nine

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Flickr Find 0025

Come And Have a Go (If You Think You're Hard Enough)
Come And Have a Go (If You Think You’re Hard Enough), originally uploaded by _G*Squared_.

Come And Have a Go (If You Think You’re Hard Enough) is a photo by Gabriel Goldberg, also known as _G*Squared_.

Gabriel has fast become an idol of mine, right up there with Lewis Payton as far as their subject matter, lighting and overall tone of their photos.

Both photographers have shot cover work for DNA Magazine and numerous other publications.

They inspire me, now I only have to find the guts to get out there and find some models to shoot.

See more of _G*Squared_’s work on Flickr.

Daily Life Inspiration


LovetasticAre you a gay man looking for love? And I mean LOVE no just a hook-up. Are you tired of the usual places that ask you for more information than you’d usually share on a first (or second) date? Then straight from “Inside the Net” I’ve got a link for you.

Lovetastic… a personals site for gay men, that doesn’t even allow the posting of shirtless photos. It lists itself as a site that “treats you like a person”… subtext of which is “rather than life support of another body part”. Their Internet search description reads “Gay personals that help you find your one true husband”.

Even though I’m happily partnered (9.5 years now), I joined up to check it out (bit hard to recommend something I haven’t seen) and also to check it out from a technical point of view. Besides they also have the checkbox “Type of relationship sought” – “Completely Platonic pal” (which is the one I checked :P )

The only major difference between this and other gay personal sites is its subscription model. You have to pay for all contact. Usually you’d get a certain number of messages or contacts, on Lovetastic you even have to pay to join in the chat room.

I realise that most other (I want to say ‘straight’) personal sites have the same model of payment, as a new gay personals site I hope Lovetastic can find enough buyers to keep them going… with all the ‘no need to pay’ sites already floating around, it may be hard to build an audience.

Afterall, I met David all those years ago using IRC (Internet Relay Chat), no pictures, no measurements, no profiles, just text based chat and FREE, FREE, FREE. And believe it or not, IRC still exists today. (it’s now mostly used by a lot of the bot networks that hack and attack peoples computers turning them into zombies – see how all good things go bad – but that’s another story)

So anyway, I realise as I started to write this I was thinking all happy thoughts about the site, I love the idea that there is a site out there that isn’t ranking people based on the size of body parts, but as I round up this post, I realise that while Ryan (the creator) thinks it’s revolutionary (and I suppose in many ways it is), I feel it’s just a porting of the common personals site; with a gay theme. And other than the geek in me that loves to look and the AJAX build, there’s not THAT much to it.

The site does serve as inspiration though, that something that appears so simple can be used to make money… gotta go… mind ticking away ;)

Family & Friends Inspiration

Harry Tomrop – Last of the ‘Tin Hares’

Henry Tomrop in his front gardenNot sure when this went to press, a long way back, I’d say it was 1982, for the 50th Anniversary of the Coat Hanger… it’s a story from the Sydney Morning Herald (I have a scan of it) and it’s all about my Great Grandfather…

To the family he was known as Henry, he was always keen to talk about the cricket, tennis and the good times from the past, he was however quite tight-lipped (as many diggers are) about the bad times of war. For the time I knew him, I was too young to appreciate just how special he was. It would have be a joy for Henry to be here now and to have a good ol’ chat.

When I first read this article, I found out things I never knew about Henry… he was then and still is an inspiring spirit.

A long one so I’ll continue it after a jump… Story starts now: By Richard Raxworthy

Of all the remarkable men who came to light during the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge the mist remarkable would have to be Harry Tomrop. Tom to his mates, he is the last known survivor of the “Tin Hares”, the 12 steel erectors who built the Bridge. Of course they had the help of nearly 1,000 men in England and 2,000 in Australia, but they, with the two crane drivers, positioned every piece of steel.