Phage Therapy

The folks at Kurzgesagt have a new video out, about Bacteriophages and their possible place as our saviours in the not-to-distant future. The one standout piece of dialogue from the video for me is. The sad truth is, many of our great medical achievements follow this pattern. The governments pour the billions in via grants, the… Continue reading Phage Therapy

Street Kids of Pakistan

That episode of 4 Corners tonight about street kids of Pakistan who are abused and raped was devastating and a stark reminder of how lucky I was to win the DNA-lottery and be born in Australia. Reports are hundreds of thousands of kids, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, are abused while the police and politicians look the… Continue reading Street Kids of Pakistan

Worthy of a Good Life

Living in a ‘home’ made of bamboo, rope and corrugated iron… barely large enough to hold a bed for the two people who live there. Working for less than $70 per month this is the life of the better-off factory workers in Bangladesh. When we walk into Coles and buy a ceramic bowl for $3… Continue reading Worthy of a Good Life

Talk about making shit up

I get annoyed when I read things like this: They were the only guests at a remote Kenyan safari resort with $900-a night huts – where cloth instead of doors are used – when the killers came. Now special forces have reportedly joined the search for Englishwoman Judith Tebbutt, snatched from an exclusive Kenyan resort… Continue reading Talk about making shit up

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No more live exports to Indonesia

On the back of the Australian community rallying against live exports to Indonesia where the cattle sent for processing and sale, the Australian Government has halted all live exports to the country until conditions there can be improved. Not great news for the farmers who rely on live exports but great for the cattle that… Continue reading No more live exports to Indonesia

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