He F**kin’ Died

Two quotes you’ll hear from us when we’re playing video games… “He f**kin’ died!” and/or “He f**kin’ fell!” We got them from a 4 year old and they have stuck with us… I won’t say whose kid it was, I’m sure she’ll remember the day her daughter was playing a Nintendo DS and suddenly exclaimed:… Continue reading He F**kin’ Died

Miriam Margolyes = Hilarious

It would seem Miriam Margolyes has no internal filter and it’s awesomely funny.

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No Man Like Gaston

In light of Beauty and the Beast in theatres, here’s a cute video for Gaston…

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Daily Dose of Daleks

For those who like a little Doctor Who humour, and who doesn’t, I present “The Daily Dalek” Get on over to The Daily Dalek and have a laugh at the (currently) over 100 awesome comics and a little more Doctor Who humour thrown in.