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Kaipu from India takes some amazing photos of his surroundings. It all appears to have started with his Canon 350D but it seems that since winning Photographer of the Year in 2006 from “Digital Camera Magazine” Kaipu has upgraded the the Canon 5D. With an exceptional talent for getting the best out of human subjects… Continue reading Flickr Find 0008

Flickr Find 0007

If you want to see some great photos check out v-spec and his Flickr photos. This shot here is just one of his nearly 300 amazing photos. V-spec’s candid shots are beautiful, he also has a series of “sTREET” photos where he has obviously approached people on the street and asked them permission. I wish… Continue reading Flickr Find 0007

Flickr Find 0006

I’ve never seen this before and came across it while looking through photos on Flickr this morning. Very cool. While I’d never have it on my wall it is a great parody of an image I’m certain you’re all familiar with. The Simpsons have been with us for something like 19 years. A pretty amazing… Continue reading Flickr Find 0006

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Flickr Find 0005

Oh my god… after last night I’d not be surprised if a few people are walking around the streets of Melbourne looking a little like this guy. According to Wikipedia, the Aye-aye monkey is the harbinger of death. If one points at you, you will die! Of course you can kill the little bugger and… Continue reading Flickr Find 0005

Flickr Find 0003

Perfect roses are a favourite thing… but they don’t have to have raindrops on them for me to like them. This photo by Rivello on Flickr is an absolutely beautiful example of perfection. He should be very proud of his capture. It is definately one a great find on Flickr.

Flickr Find 0002

The Gerenuk, or Giraffe Gazelle, (Litocranius walleri) is an antelope, also called the giraffe gazelle, found in East Africa. Great photo from Flipped Out check it out on Flickr. I’d never seen this creature before, so I thought I would share. Once you see the full body shot on the Wikipedia entry for the Gerenuk… Continue reading Flickr Find 0002

Flickr Find 0001

Have you been to Flickr yet? I know I’ve gone on about it before and now as a paid user I have a need to force it upon others. They have to stay in business so my photos will be safe. Of course I have a back up of my own. When I’m bouncing around… Continue reading Flickr Find 0001