Flickr Find 0055

follow the tunes.., originally uploaded by shanghaisoundbites. Sometimes inspiration strikes at funny times and produces great results. I love this shot more for the concept than the execution. Guess it’s something I have to give a go when I can next find a turntable. It was actually a form of inspiration for me to give… Continue reading Flickr Find 0055

Flickr Find 0054

STS-133 Discovery (201011030001HQ), originally uploaded by nasa hq photo. While I often say I have no regrets in life, I will shortly have to change that view. My one regret in life will be never seeing a Shuttle launch live, actually being there as it rockets off to space. I’ve loved the space shuttle since… Continue reading Flickr Find 0054

Flickr Find 0052

Tromvik, originally uploaded by antonyspencer. A wonderfully beautiful vista. Photos like this make me want to shoot more landscapes so I can get better at them and make pictures like this. It also makes me want to travel and see more of our amazing world.

Flickr Find 0051

tutticolore, originally uploaded by mondopanno. These little guys are cute. Not an exceptional photo but I like the little guys. The colours and the arrangement of colours is perfect. I have a couple of friends who make these crafty critters and so also have a personal emotional attachment to items like this.

Flickr Find 0050

Saw Whet on the Moss, originally uploaded by BigBrotherBear. My Flickr Finds are back. I saw this photo and at once had to share it. OMG it’s so cute, and the colours and detail are just amazing. I love it all.

No, I said JABBA!

No, I said JABBA!, originally uploaded by powerpig. Oh man when I saw this I laughed for half an hour and then giggled to myself for another hour after that. I guess it’s part cause I’m a Lego fan, part cause I like star wars, but mostly cause I LOVE ABBA. Chris McVeigh has a… Continue reading No, I said JABBA!

Flickr Find 0049

Self Portrait Alternative, originally uploaded by Ben Chau. This is Ben Chau, a photographer with a great style who doesn’t mind putting himself in the picture on occasion. He takes some awesome shots and is kind enough to share his set-up information with us all. Not sure how long he has been taking photos, but… Continue reading Flickr Find 0049