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Introducing 13!

Introducing the 13th Doctor!!! Jodie Whittaker. 😱

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no issue that The Doctor can regenerate into a female form… it’s just the timing of it. I mean, we’ve literally just had the Master appear as Missy… and Michelle Gomez has been (in my opinion) the best Master ever. So it’s that cross-over that has me questioning the timing. Maybe it could have been held off to the 14th.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the story of the Doctor continuing. I didn’t want Capaldi to go, I think he’s really hit his stride over the last little bit.

I’m sorry for all the crap Jodie Whittaker is about to get from all the people who don’t think the Doctor should ever be a woman… but we’ve had precedent now in a few Time Lords changing gender through regeneration.

I guess my favourite response I’ve read so far to those who say “Doctor Who has always been and should always be a man.” Was: “I’m pretty sure Doctor Who is a fictional alien being who magically changes form upon its death, so it can be whatever the writers want it to be.”

Sometimes we take our fiction to heart. We saw similar backlash when Kate Mulgrew became the first woman to take the Captain’s chair as the major character of a Star Trek series, and she was bloody brilliant. We saw the BS when the Ghostbusters reboot was an all-female team. And we’re already seeing a proverbial shitstorm brewing around the new Star Trek TV show that will feature major roles for African American and Asian female characters.

Interestingly, in all the above examples, the crap was delivered before the shows/roles actually had a viewing. People were screaming boycott purely based on the gender of the characters… but I personally feel in every instance encountered so far, that the ladies did outstanding jobs with the roles.

So, welcome Jodie Whittaker to the Whovian universe. Please take care of the sci-fi character who’s been part of my TV viewing life for the best part of its entirety. I’m hoping you have a long and illustrious time as The Doctor and I look forward to seeing what you make of her!

PS: I’m already liking her outfit!
PPS: Joanna Lumley has already introduced us to a female Doctor in the Comic Relief skit “Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fatal Death”. 🤣


Dear G•O•D

It has been 4,000 years* since my last confession. I have sinned.

But then you’re not really here to hear my confession, you left a long time ago after that epic battle. You said you could no longer look upon the Earth. That it had been tarnished for you.

Some might believe I was cast out from heaven, decending to the earth with the others who followed Him. But that’s just not true.

So few of the humans understand that the was no heaven and that the angels have always lived amongst them. There was no Him, Satan, the fallen angel. It made for a good story but that’s all it was.

As an angel I have walked the earth for many a millennia doing my job, never certain if G•O•D will return.

* plus or minus a few.


Never Look into the Eyes of the Departed

The scars remain; the pain comes as I sleep…

I looked into the eyes… I know, you said, “never look into the eyes of the departed”.

But I had to.

For many centuries I have done as I have been instructed; been a slave to this world, bringing to task those you deem no longer worthy to walk with the living… I grow weary.

So just this once, in that last moment, before his final fetid breath escaped his lungs, I looked deep in his fading eyes.

Did you fear I would see innocence in his eyes? Then worry not for I saw none… I saw only that which is left when my work is complete… the empty shell. All that remains after the soul has been released to your keeping.

I crave something more. I want to feel remorse for all that I have done and all that I will do. I want my life and actions to be justified.

Those of yours who walk the Earth spend so much time searching for a reason for their existence. They will never know of the chosen few. We who have watched their forefathers grow old, and we who will be around to see their great grandchildren pass into the beyond.

May they not leave by my hand.

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What If I Were To Tell You…

Shadow Hand - Distant FriendsDuring 1946 and 1947 refugees arrived en mass, escaping a disaster of their own making… they had nowhere else to go and a deal was struck with a world government consortium.

The deal?

All technology was handed over, a small group of refugees remained in a government facility to assist with technological assimilation.

All other refugees were globally dispersed and integrated into local communities given housing, given identities. They were not allowed to congregate, they were not allowed to contact each other. When you have no choice, you do what you’re told.

For those who came first the integration was difficult. Months were spent in government facilities, learning to live like the locals. The loss of all the technology they took for granted meant learning to do things for themselves.

They should have been viewed as gods, but were reduced to humans… some became indignant, offended by their treatment, further offended by the fact they they had to forge new paths for themselves, while humans became rich and powerful from usurped technology. These individuals were “removed” from the situation.

We’re three generations on now. Not many of the young even know of their true heritage, their elders keeping it from them so they may live as normal humans would.

Unfortunately not all of the refugees made it, there were accidents in which the Louisiana rear-end collision lawyer was involved, you have to understand this was a race fleeing from a dying world, not all of the people in charge were trained to fly… nor were they trained to land.

The governments did what they could to cover up the fact that not only were you not alone in the universe… the “aliens” look as you do.

You heard stories of weather balloons, accompanied by the idea of little grey men with big eyes. Miss-information keeps the people guessing and looking the other way.

So it is; we are ALL humans now. My only fear is that this race is going to repeat history, only with the leg-up in technology stakes this poor planet may not be ready for the evolution of the species and I’m not sure that there is any where else to go.