Record My Dreams Please!

Should anyone know of a project looking for subjects for a dream recording device… I’m a willing guinea pig for such a project.

If I had a way to capture even a slither of the detail in last night’s dream I’d be happy. Though said machine will eventually have to interpret audio too. Last night’s dream included a new song by Prince.

In very short… it was set in a city with all these elaborate buildings and we were being chased by beings that were a mix of humans, and also a blend of westworld / I Robot creations. Some were disguised by hologram.

Some were controlled by us as protectors, but most were from the people after us. It was a very full-on dream. A lot of different styles of clothing, of creatures, of building designs. It was pretty cool.

I’m sad for folks who don’t even get to remember parts of their dreams.

BTW, I’m also sad that exertion in dreams doesn’t translate to real exercise! I’d be well-fit by now if it did.


WWIII – Won in a single blast

Oh man, the things my brain comes up with… 

Last night I dreamt I was heading home from work in a city. I would say “the city” but I don’t know what city I was in.

I was at a major train station and was heading to the regional train lines. Weirdly the trains didn’t seem to have sides to them, spread in front of me were carriages narrow, long bench seats running along their sides. In the seats people were jostling for the limited spaces. Up the centre was a low table-like structure that was really too thin to be of use to anyone, but did make it annoying to try and get past people to find a free space in which to sit.

It was just after 5pm. The train was due to leave at 5:15pm. I head towards the front of the carriage, near the driver, who was not in a compartment of her own, rather she was on a platform just before the end of the carriage. She had a single lever that I assume was used to start and stop the train’s movement.

I had to squeeze myself in between two ladies, requiring one of them to begrudgingly move her handbag from the seat beside her, it was still a bit squishy though and I apologises profusely for my encroachment on her space, but the journey was a long trip home.

As 5:15 passed and we approached the newly announced departure time of 5:30 people were becoming agitated.

5:30 passed and 5:45 was our new departure time. The locals were getting restless, a few had abandoned their seats, deciding to try and find an alternative way home, no reason had been given for the delay, just that it was ongoing for the time being.

A lady across from me, now with a space beside her, was noticing that the lady I was sitting next to was still annoyed about my proximity, regardless of my many and continuing apologies, or perhaps because of them, and she offered for me to come sit next to her, which I did.

I was striking up a conversation with my new friend Kelly, when a further announcement was made at 6:15 that there would be no services returning to service today.

There were large screens in the station that were visible to all as the carriages had no walls, the screens came alive with red lights flashing. Images were flashing across the screen of an attack in a city. A nuclear weapon had been used decimating a pocket of the city on the screen, not the city I was in.

This was replaced by a man on the screen asking the question… “How many weapons does it take to bring the world to attention?” Answering his own question he responded “Oh so many… but only one needs to detonate.”

“You have seen the power of the weapons we have, you will bow to our will, or you will die.” Everything was shut down. Everything went dark.

The following hours news spread that the aggressors had developed a new deployment method for nuclear warheads. They were basically housed in firework-like contraptions. They were easily launched into the air where they would detonate causing massive destruction below them, radiating for kilometres into the surrounds.

It was identified that over the years, after the US removed the sanctions on Russia with regard to their production of nuclear weapons, Russia had been at work. Although Chernobyl is one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has ever seen, but many wonder is Chernobyl safe? You can now visit there with a licenced tourist guide. They had managed to be involved in projects all over the world that had allowed them to bring these miniaturised weapons into the major cities of the worlds. They had been installed undetected and were basically being used to control the world. At any time they could send one off, as they had demonstrated.

So with just one detonation we had the start and the end of war, and new world leaders…

Clearly my brain has been over active of late. It should be noted that my dreams are mostly linear, it felt like I was there for the entire time, the conversations with my fellow travellers, the fear, the bustle of the crowds, all of which I left out of the detail above for as much brevity as I could, all happened.

My dreams are lucid, I know I’m dreaming, and I can choose to wake, or not. In fact prior to this dream I had another which I chose to abandon.

Equally as detailed, about a visit to a Japanese-inspired house that had been converted to a restaurant and small bed and breakfast. It was beautiful, but then something happened that I didn’t like so much, so I woke up and left that dream behind.

The image above is from Flickr’s The Commons project. “Atomic Bomb Test


Space Hopper

Last night I spent the night hopping through space until I reached the end of the universe. Want to know what’s there? Not much, a small landmass not much bigger than a football field, enclosed in an atmospheric bubble.

I visited a lot of planets, or planet-like structures and attended two weddings while I slept last night.

The first must have been here on Earth, my whole family was there, and that’s where the spacing hopping began.

The second wedding was on the second hop. In a strange house with many floors and doors and beautiful carpeting by At this one I didn’t see the wedding ceremony, but I saw the preparations, as I moved through the house.

At one point I arrived on a large shelf in a shopping centre and had to climb down the glass shelves to the floor of the store. The female humanoid who was the storekeeper berating me all along, then calling for security once I’d made it to the floor. I left the shopping complex and was outside, saw a dog, patted it and hopped again, still patting a dog (not the same one) when I arrived at the new destination.

Each hop seemed to have a connection. From this hop I went on walking through a field of long grass, so long I could run my hands through it without bending. I hopped again arriving in another field, but this one at the end of a season and the grass was short and brown.

It went on and on, spending what seemed like a few hours at each location. While I did interact with the inhabitants at most destinations, I don’t quite recall what was said, as the memory of the dream is fading almost as fast as I can write it down.

I know the final hop, the one that took me to the little pocket at the end of the universe, was while holding a baseball-like card, looking at the player on the card. When arriving at the final destination, I was again holding a card, this one for a different, unknown, sport. It implied that the world I was on was once much larger. In my time there I was able to make it around what remained of the “planet” and could find no playing areas to play such a sport.

While I love dreams like these, I also hate them a little on waking. Partly because I’m a vivid dreamer, my dreams are often a complete narrative, rather than snapshots, I also often wake from them more tired than when I went to sleep. Almost as if I did live out the time it had taken to play out the narrative.

I also tend to dream on a theme, this one was completely different to any other dream I’ve had before. A refreshing change indeed, but I am so tired, and I only just woke up!


Let me be

I dreamt of him again last night. It’s more than a little disconcerting to have repeat dreams of a small child who isn’t there.

The first time he appeared to me, it took me a while to realize that he was “no longer with the living”, and that realization only came when he was telling me things no five year old would know.

Usually what other kids were thinking. And in my dreams he mainly appears when other kids are around. He freaks me out. I don’t know him. He’s not someone I recognize from my real life.

In the dreams I often end up in the same place. Over near the MCG on a walk between the Queen Victoria Market and there. That’s where he is strongest.

He follows me. I tell him to leave me alone. To go to where he should be.

The dreams aren’t the same, though they follow the same pattern.

I’m at the market, visit with vendors. Never by anything, but have my camera with me. Take some photos and there he is. After the fourth or fifth shot he’s no longer just showing up in camera, he’s standing in front of me. Talking to me

He wants food, he’s hungry. He wants to know where his sister and his mother is. A ione of questioning he quickly gives up as he starts to follow me.

I walk down through the city and to the MCG he’s with me all the way. Chattering away. Occasionally solemn and quiet. I’m pretty sure after the initial questions about his mum and sister he knows he’s a spirit.

Near the MCG he tells me how he has to go now. And he’s gone and I wake up.

Other stuff happens in between and but those elements are always the same.

Differing stuff that happened last night:

While at the market he told me to talk to a group of people who were sitting near a bus stop. They were in Geelong supporters gear. I sat with them and we talked for a while about nothing. The child put his hand on a woman’s head, she didn’t notice. He said “she’s sad, her husband (though he said her kid’s dad) has gone away.”

We walked into a house, as soon as we were inside he told me to leave, said it wasn’t a good place. I turned to do so and the doors all shut and locked. He screamed “NOOOO” and the front door flew open and we left.

We walked into the lobby of a building and down some stairs. A mother and two small children were walking towards us. He called to the little boy child who turned a little but not all the way to meet his gaze. He became frustrated and wanted to know why they never want to play with him.

The places we visit between the market and the football ground aren’t real places in-between those two points. At least they aren’t places I know of.

After he’s gone and I’m awake I feel a little freaked out for a time, sometimes left to wonder if he’s going to show up in real life. Knowing of course deep down it won’t happen.

Weird, I know



Last night I had a weird dream, seems all the cools stuff is happening while my eyes are closed. In this dream I was sitting on a chair at a shopping centre in a courtyard and there were kids playing. There was some event on, a celebrity or maybe a person in an animal suit or something like that was going to take place so kids were out in force.

Anyway after a short while a man next to me called out for his kid, who didn’t respond and didn’t appear to be around anywhere. The father started to freak out a bit, wanting to know if anyone had seen his kid. He had a picture from his wallet he was showing people, asking them if they had seen him.

And then he was talking to me. I don’t know what happened, I should have written all this down when I first woke up because there was very specific information that lead me to believe the kid had been taken by someone who had been stealing children of late. Something about the scene, something about how the kid was gone. When I told the father this he freaked out.

I then told him we could fix it. I told him the plan and he carried it out and returned to be in front of me a short time later. He started calling for his kid again but the boy wasn’t to be found and now the other parents were starting to look at him funny. One said they they hadn’t seen the boy, nor had they seen this guy before, even though they had previously been sitting right next to each other chatting while waiting for their kids to meet the celebrity.

I asked him if he had followed my directions properly. He said he did but I could tell he hadn’t.

He called his father-in-law. The father-in-law was furious that he would joke that his daughter had had a child and not told him, and that it would be an impossibility and wanted to know what the guy was playing at. To the father-in-law the child had never existed.

I asked the man again if he had followed the directions precisely. He maintained that he had but I was certain he had not. I had to do something about the situation.

The reason I couldn’t intervene previously was because I didn’t know the kid in question. I couldn’t do the time jump to the date and time required to prevent the kids disappearance. This guy, when I made it possible for him to do so, had made the jump but I believed he went too far back and did something in the past that prevented the kid even being born. Unwilling to admit this he continued to tell me he did everything as instructed when quite clearly he had not.

The next time the man saw me was an hour prior, he saw me as I got up from the chair next to him and walked away, just as he started to call for his kid who was now missing once more, but at least still in existence.

Dreams Eyes Closed

Early Flight

I close my eyes and I see…

I’m on an aeroplane, looking out the window as we fly just above the clouds. It looks as though we’re gliding across a white sea.

The sun crests the cloud’s in the horizon, and it’s like a second sunrise.

The glare off the clouds is too bright so I look inward and around the cabin.

The people in the row in front are familiar to me, but I don’t know how, but as the look towards me I can see in their eyes they know me. The woman beside me I think is my wife, I can see in my periferal vision she is quite close, in my personal space.

I see the other people on the flight, the cabin crew starting to move about the cabin.

… I open my eyes.

To me the main differences between what I see behind my eyelids before I sleep and the things I dream about once asleep are as follows:

1. The people are crystal clear, their faces are just that, theirs. If you consider your drams I believe you’ll find the faces you see while dramind are most often non-descript. Particularly true with people in the background of your dreams. But even those in the foreground, the subjects are often unclear or an approximation of people. Faces are often a blend of individuals.

When I am awake, but with my eyes closed everyone is clear. It really is more like seeing through someone else’s eyes as they view a part of their day.

2. I see things I can’t place. Either people I’ve never seen before and/or places I’ve never personally been.

It’s kind of weird, kind of interesting.

But like two nights ago when I saw the people looking up and I wanted to change perspective, it was like I couldn’t cause they weren’t my eyes looking at the scene.

And one of the first I wrote about, a small foriegn town, the perspective I saw that from was like someone seated at a cafe watching the scene unfold.

Perhaps they are like mini dreams, but I’ll try and write them down if, and when, I can.


Seeriously Weird Dream

I hate when I have wonderfully vivid dreams only for them to fade upon waking. Like last night’s. I dreamed of a time when Seers were sought out and trained in their duty to the world.

I my dream I, of course, was one of those to be trained, having had visions of and then being sort out by a Chinese woman. At first when she was talking to me I couldn’t understand what she was saying, however, with in minutes we were talking back and forth.

She told me of my training and was given a palm-sized stone she told me would concentrate my thoughts. It did more than this. Once conjured in my mind the images appeared like movies on the stone, showing what was gong to come to pass.

As I said however the details of the dream are already fading, I know there was so much more to it but that’s all I have for now. Perhaps like many of my dreams I’ll have it again and I can fill in more of the pieces.


The Door

I stood fast before the door, pondering it’s ability to exist, I looked for flagstone and foundations believing it to a remnant of a home now gone. But none were there, just a door in the middle of a field. And me standing before the door.

Reaching out, I placed my hand on its roughened surface, the door, once white, now tattooed with cracks showing a faded greying wood below. Rubbing a panel tiny flecks of paint darted here and there.

I pushed on the door in an attempt to push it over and be done with the lie that a door could simply exist, standing free. Rather than fall I heard the distinct click of a latch and the groan of hinges that hadn’t moved for many years, and I saw the door begin to swing open.

My eyes widened taking in the horror of the place beyond the door. A rush of heat littered with grit warmed my face, an acrid stench filled my nose as terror gripped my heart.

I stepped beyond the threshold, gravel scraping below my feet pushing into the flesh. I stepped further in, drawn by an unknown desire to be within this place.

Behind me the door closed, I heard the groan of the hinges, the click of the latch and turned to see the door was no more. I was enveloped by the the scene, I felt alone.

Then I felt I was being watched, the sensation was unmistakable. Eyes were on me from the darkness. A ragged call from the void hurt my ears and set my heart racing faster.

First one, then many misshapen figures were making their way through the darkness, I felt the heat rising as the crowd drew near.

And then there was a beam of light, it descended from the cavern, moving its way through the black until it surrounded me. There was a flood of fear beyond the light. A scream of agony and the smell of burning flesh.

Bathed in the light I turned my face upward and smiled. My feet left the ground, I was ascending, accompanied by a chorus of guttural groans from those left below. And I heard a voice. She called to me from above and said unto me

“Welcome home.”