Ghostly Saturday

We had a great night Saturday night, even though we were a little sad we were one down in our party with Kathryn being ill and having to bail out. David, Sue and I met with Sandy and Rob at Pellegrini’s (66 Bourke Street, Melbourne) for an awesome dinner. From the outside the place looks… Continue reading Ghostly Saturday

US Trip: Day 1

What a mad and very long day our first day was. Friday June 4th was almost 48 hours long for us as our flight from Australia to California, USA took us across the international date line. To avoid the dreaded jet lag we stayed awake all of Thursday night, the hope we’d simply sleep on… Continue reading US Trip: Day 1

Mega Update

It has been so long since I’ve put anything of substance on this site, but then I’ve had very little time to do so. What with work being so hectic for the last month or so, then organising our leave and trying to find someone to take care of the pets while we were away… Continue reading Mega Update