Bentwood Fitzroy

I guess Instagram does work for advertising, because this morning we’re at a cafe that David found on Instagram; Bentwood Fitzroy. I started by breakfast with the Nutella Shake, it basically tastes like they liquified Nutella and put it in a glass for me. It is delicious. Accompanying this decadent drink was the Hotcakes: Raspberry… Continue reading Bentwood Fitzroy

New Zealand

For the 5 days away in New Zealand I spent most of my time without devices in my hand… because I didn’t have a roaming plan nor an OS sim card.  I’m usually always in front of a screen; my computer, my iPad, or my iPhone. When something comes up that I don’t know about,… Continue reading New Zealand


Drove to Geelong to have after work dinner with Kylie, went to Sethro’s Texas BBQ.  We were the second last customers before they sold out! Would have been somewhat disappointing had we driven all that way and have it sold out. 🙃 Service was crazy fast. Food was delish. I had the Texas Brisket Sandwich… Continue reading BBQ

New Zealand Money

Aww New Zealand, they know how to design a good looking currency! We stopped in at the bank in preparation for our trip to New Zealand, to get some New Zealand money. At our bank ANZ, they sell it by the pack.

Let the Sunshine In

Our big day today started, as they often do, with the idea we were going to do something small. Just like last week we jumped in the car and head out looking for a good photo opportunity. But all we could see was fog, it was thick. And you know what you shouldn’t do, fly… Continue reading Let the Sunshine In

Ride Update

It’s my baby, he’ll be getting a stablemate in about a month. Not sure what type of bike to get though. Will be either a hybrid or a road bike. Still deciding. Need something a little younger (he’s about 12 years old) and in better condition for the 135km Bupa Around the Bay ride on… Continue reading Ride Update