All better…

Feeling much much better today. Had some SMSs from a friend who is returning to Sydney. He moved to Tasmania (I want to say just over a year ago, but am sure it is longer – you will soon figure out I have no concept of space and time). First contact in a long time… Continue reading All better…

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Yet another view

Well it appears that right on the heels of my writing that I was thinking of changing blogging tools yet again, spam started to appear. My old blogging software seemed to go berko with trackbacks, obviously some sort of “bot” was responsible. So here I am back at Blogger, to give it a proper shot… Continue reading Yet another view

Treading the Path

Did you know I was supposed to be a teacher? I have had it planned since I was four years old. It wasn’t a child’s rambling, not a dream. At times I still yearn for the career I abandoned before it even began. I made no conscious decisions that have me where I am today,… Continue reading Treading the Path