Daily Life

All better…

Feeling much much better today.

Had some SMSs from a friend who is returning to Sydney. He moved to Tasmania (I want to say just over a year ago, but am sure it is longer – you will soon figure out I have no concept of space and time).

First contact in a long time says “On the Spirit of Tasmania with a truck load of furniture”. Why isn’t he on his way to Melbourne!!!

Tasmania always seemed like a strage place to live for a younger gay couple. And I will always be a little sad that I never got down there to see their place. I know Andrew has been over it for some time. Where they lived was outside of any major town (cause I don’t think you can call any place in Tassie a “City”.

At least with them in Sydney we can catch up when David and I make the trek to see the family. So that’s a “Woo Hoo” for sure.

Daily Life

Long Weekend… and I’m Sick :(

It’s the Easter weekend and I’ve been sick as for the past two days. Of course because yesterday was the day BEFORE four days off I had to go to work. The company I work for is too suspiscious of sick staff on a typical day. Had I taken the day before the long weekend I’m sure there would have been hell to pay!

So here I am, at 10.30pm, a little tired and about to head to bed.

Just finished watching “Skating with the Stars”… a series from the US. We here have a program called “Dancing with the Stars” and I kid you not, the format is almost identical. The only difference here being that we Aussies no longer have shows that don’t include a 1900 (premium call) for voting purposes.

You may be wondering WHY I would bother watching “Skating with the Stars”, and if you look at My Music listing you’d probably notice I have every album Deborah Gibson AKA Debbie Gibson has released… and Deborah is one of the stars!

Off to bed… hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling super well. We’re off to see Scary Movie 4!

Daily Life Technology

Yet another view

Well it appears that right on the heels of my writing that I was thinking of changing blogging tools yet again, spam started to appear.

My old blogging software seemed to go berko with trackbacks, obviously some sort of “bot” was responsible.

So here I am back at Blogger, to give it a proper shot this time around.

I should have put a new entry in, instead of just going over an old one. The October 21st 2005 is when I first signed up to Blogger. At this time I posted a stupid Test post… it’s now Friday, April 14, 2006… a cool six months later. I was surprised to find my account still active. But thank goodness it was!

Daily Life Rants

Treading the Path

Did you know I was supposed to be a teacher? I have had it planned since I was four years old. It wasn’t a child’s rambling, not a dream. At times I still yearn for the career I abandoned before it even began.

I made no conscious decisions that have me where I am today, somewhere along the way I realised the plans of a child had to fall by the wayside.

Quite possibly it was at same time I knew I would never be a father. At 11 or so I realised that two grown men could not have a baby together, another plan dashed. As certain as I was that I would be an excellent father, I was also certain that the process described to bring about conception was neither desirable nor applicable to me.

Never growing up did I think that I would have to couple with a female, I always preferred the other boys in the playground. Still stunned when people act with suprise at the fact that I have never even “pashed” a girl. Why would I want to?

So the life I live continues. I no longer make decisions about its direction. Living with the belief that fate has me in her steady grasp and has done an alright job so far.