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Elgato HD60S

I recently acquired an Elgato HD60S HDMI capture card device. It’s mostly used for streaming gaming, as seen from my recent streams of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Luigi’s Mansion 3 game play.

However, I thought it would be great for capturing the back of the camera when doing “how-tos” for photography stuff. I have a few planned.

In light of our recent meeting at our camera club about time lapses I put together a quick video about setting up the interval shooting for my Sony AR7 MkIII.

It’s also letting me get used to hearing my own voice… which I hate.

I guess I don’t actually know when I’ll get around to making all the content I want to make. Don’t be too hard on me. 🤓

Daily Life

Don’t Quote Me On This

I’m probably a very annoying person to be around. I pull quotes from movies ALL THE TIME! Usually in response to a phrase or word.

Just a very few of the many, many strange things I say, I can’t even think of most of them off the time of my head, they are triggered by events and just happen, but here’s a couple:

When someone says “Nothing”… I’ll reply “Nothing, nothing, nothing tra la la”- Labyrinth 
When I realise the front door has been left unlocked when we’re about to go to bed… “We’ll all be murdered in our beds come what may” – The Pirate Movie
When someone says “Violated”; I’ll exclaim “Violated, you know what I mean, Violated?”- Chicago

Well, for the most part David knows what I’m going on about. He has either seen the movies I reference, or has osmotically absorbed the information by proximity via my repetitive viewing of said sources.

Turns out there is one movie I also quote, and one particular phrase that comes up more often than you may think… sometimes in response to a word being said, sometimes because someone is driving too fast, or sometimes because someone is walking too slow and I have to zoom around them…

“It’s a racing snail”

Teeny Weeny: The NeverEnding Story

I sometimes say… yes I’m weird, but I’m pretty sure most folk will know where that one comes from, but turns out you learn things about your partner all the time. Tonight I found out David has never seen the movie that is the source of that bit of dialogue that springs forth from my lips many times. I probably have not watched it in the last 22 years so unlike the others the has not been exposed to it by me, but seriously, who hasn’t seen the movie!

And there’s some insight into my brain; this little quirk, which I am quite sure is not unique, is certainly something that I do all the time.

Daily Life

Snap Shots Podcast

When I started entering competitions 5 years ago, that was when my photography started to improve.

Brett Ferguson, Photographer, as heard on the “Snap Shots” podcast Episode 33.

The importance of entering competitions, hearing, and responding to the critique is important in our growth.

We all have our Instagrams with its easy “tap tap” *likes*… but it is through the critical eye of a judge, or those who would give you honest feedback, that we grow in what we do.

Listen to the episode and see Brett’s work on his website.

Daily Life

Buyers’ Remorse Remorse & a new iPad

David packed us in the car this morning and was taking us on a mystery adventure. I didn’t know where we were going and he told me it was a surprise.

Turns out that surprise was to head to the Apple Store to get new Apple Watches.

You may remember we returned our Ceramic Series 5 Apple Watches within the two weeks of buying them. We just couldn’t justify the cost of the units, until we could!

The plan was apparently to go to the Apple Store and for David to replace his Series 3 with a Series 5, he was looking the stainless steel or the titanium but wasn’t sure which one he wanted. He revealed this to me as we were on the way, which turned out to be a good thing. Upon getting into the car and opening my iPad, which I’d brought along for the adventure, I noticed the corner had a crack in the screen. I was a little devastated, until I remembered I have AppleCare+ on my iPad Pro.

Knowing I had to book in with the Genius Bar for an assessment of my device I looked up Chadstone and checked the next available appointment, it wasn’t until 3pm, then I checked Doncaster and they had an appointment at 11am, just over an hour’s time, and it would have been about 15 minutes after we arrived at Doncaster if we changed our direction. Doncaster also had the watches David was looking at in stock so the redirection was a no-brainer. I was also not-so-secretly excited for this change because there is also an official Lego Store at Doncaster, in fact it’s right across from Apple!

And there’s the Lego Store!

Well we got there, checked in with the Genius Bar and after a 20 minute wait was on my way to having my iPad Pro replaced, no questions asked, just had to pay the $85 service fee and AppleCare+ took care of the rest. The Apple staff was quite surprised I wasn’t really worried about the content of my device. I wasn’t sure when the last backup was, and she was like “well do you want to do one now before we wipe it and replace it?” and I was like, “nah, I’m not wedded to anything on the device, plus most of it is actually in iCloud.”

I also got to go to the Lego store… while David was thinking about which Apple Watch he wanted to get. I didn’t buy anything because while in there we kind of admitted what we’d known pretty much since we handed back our ceramic watches: We had buyers’ remorse remorse. We really liked the ceramic Apple Watch Series 5, and we decided we’d get them back again.

So off to Chadstone where they had them in stock. They aren’t stocked at any other store in Victoria.

We get to Chaddy and pulled the pin on our bank account and now have two new shiny Apple Watch Series 5 Ceramics. They are so lovely. I don’t love the cost of them ($2,088 each), but I do love them.

My Apple Watch Edition Ceramic configuration
My Apple Watch Edition Ceramic configuration
Daily Life

Who wants to buy a dodgy house?

House next door is finally up for sale, no mention of the slab heave or the more than 2 years of work that’s been done on the house to mitigate the issue of all the cracked pipes and sewage leakage. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course according to the guy who used to live there, before he was silenced by his settlement with the building company, the official independent building report said the only correct way to deal with the issues of the house was to tear it down. I pity the poor folks who buy the turkey of a house.

He fought with them for 7 years, they moved him out a few times in over the years to do more extensive work and still they needed to do 2 more year’s work AFTER they finally settled with him.

Daily Life

Murat @ Dog Rocks

Murat at Dog Rocks
Murat at Dog Rocks

I’ve wanted to shoot at Dog Rocks with a model for the longest time, and yesterday we finally did it. Thanks to David for organising our model Murat. He was awesome and was quite brave to climb up on this huge rock and brave the cold and wind to make this shot.

This is an early edit, I’ll post the updated edit in the comments and see if you can spot the differences…🧐

Daily Life

Capture One

David is encouraging me to try out Capture One 12, again. I think it was something like version 4 the last time I used it and it was buggier than an ant hill. It would crash every 5 seconds.

Given that the next version is apparently going to be version 20, I’m not sure how many versions there have been since I last used it.

I do have to say, I’ve been using it for less than 10 minutes and there are already a lot of things to love about it.

Photo here is Murat at Dog Rocks. I think there were between 5-7 bridal parties come through while we were there.

Daily Life

I miss Elaine already!

It’s 8:30am on a Saturday and we have just finished the housework, we woke up at 6am. I want to go back to the days when we had someone else to do it for us. 🤣

I’m sure Elaine is enjoying her time in the Gold Coast sun, but we really do miss her.

After having her visiting our house, for 3 hours every week for the last two and a half years, she kind of became part of the family. It wasn’t just about the cleaning. There were literally weeks where we were so busy with work, Elaine was the only other person we saw for the whole week. 🤭

There’s a saying “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” well that doesn’t apply here… we always appreciated Elaine for everything she did for us. We knew when she told us just a few weeks back she was packing up and moving we were going to miss her.