iWoz Here

Go Woz… a new book called iWoz published this week. Guess I’ll have to pick up a copy. The Apple story is one of those that shows the geek with the idea should keep it to himself and run… but then would I be typing this on a PowerMac G5 if Woz had? Probably not.… Continue reading iWoz Here

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Conversations with God

A couple of months ago I went to dinner with a couple of people from the office, Sue and Sandy, we went to the Pelican’s Landing in Williamstown and had a great night at dinner. Sandy took us out for a treat for all the help we’d given to the Denton Mills project at work.… Continue reading Conversations with God

The Descent

The book by Jeff Long -> Not the movie which seems to borrow parts of the book but not give Jeff any credit. The book has been on my shelf for around three years, unread. I didn’t buy it, back when I was working for Murdoch Magazines it was sent to Live This (a short-lived,… Continue reading The Descent

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