The Magic Pudding

I keep my books, always have, much to the vexation of those who have to share my space. I was looking for one the other day on my bookshelf and came across my ratty copy of “The Magic Pudding”. Bought for me in 1983, in fact the date I got it was 20/10/83… I know… Continue reading The Magic Pudding

Official Spy’s Handbook


You want a tell about my life, well here you go… I’m, on occasion, paranoid. I’ve admitted to very few limited people, and may have mentioned on these very pages, that I have a few weird proclivities, particularly when it comes to entering strange or enclosed places. I check for exits. I need to know… Continue reading Official Spy’s Handbook

The Kid by Dan Savage

Eye-opening, enlightening and positively scary book. Told through Dan’s conversational style it’s a memoir of the time Dan Savage and his (boyfriend at the time, now) husband adopted their son DJ. I’ve often thought about having a kid, pretty much all my life I thought I’d grow up to be a father. But life, as… Continue reading The Kid by Dan Savage

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Not So Much a Secret

An Australian woman, Rhonda Byrne, has written a book, made a “movie” and appeared a couple of times on Oprah talking about “The Secret” (Book • Audio • Movie). The movie is a very abridged version of the book and both are an incredibly long way to illustrate the laws of attraction. In short if… Continue reading Not So Much a Secret

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Needful Things

I’m about halfway through the book “Needful Things”, by Stephen King. It’s the second time reading it, the first being over ten years ago when it was first published. I don’t often re-read books. I find that once I start, everything comes flooding back and the book is complete in my head less than a… Continue reading Needful Things

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iWoz Amazed

Finished reading iWoz – the autobiography of Steve Wozniak. As you all know (well some of you do, the others should!) Steve was the creator of the Apple I and the Apple II, computers that changed the way we live today. What you might not know is along the way he created a lot of… Continue reading iWoz Amazed