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Brief Overview

I was born in 1974 in Blacktown District Hospital. At the time we live in Shalvey, Mt Druitt in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Having an older brother, a younger brother and younger sister I was never alone.

I’ve always been an avid music listener and have amassed over 20,000 tracks, most of which I have the CDs for but a few years back digitized them all and now keep the CDs in boxes in the garage, preferring to now buy my music from the iTunes music store.

Always a camera in my hand. I got my first camera when I was about 8. Not sure what I did with all the photos. We weren’t that well off so I’m sure I didn’t take that many photos. It is also worth noting that I don’t have many memories from my youth. Not sure why, they just aren’t there. Perhaps that’s why photography is so important to me now.

These days I live in Melbourne with my partner of 14 years, David, our two cocker spaniels (Bill and Jo) and our cat Perry. We left Sydney almost 7 years ago and while I miss my friends and family Sydney won’t be my home again for the foreseeable future. Melbourne really is just that good.


While I don’t subscribe to the validity of the daily horoscope I have read and agree with most of the comment in both my profiles, the Tiger of the Chinese Horoscope and the Aquarius. I suppose I am typical of both of these profiles.

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