Raised By Wolves: 2

Raised By Wolves

Can we talk about “Raised By Wolves“?

It’s a great sci-fi show created by Aaron Guzikowski, though the tagline for it is “from Ridley Scott” who serves as Executive Producer, I feel this may have been a faux-pas to include. It gets one into the mind that this show will be “Alien”-esque or maybe even “Blade Runner”-like but it is so much more and a blend of the two.

There are both Androids and Aliens… and a smattering of religion thrown in too as the show chronicles the journey of a couple of human colonies, one atheist the other Mithraic, believing in the deity “Sol”.

Mother, a pregnant android

The first season introduces us to Mother and Father, two androids championed by their creator to restart humanity in the way of the athiests with 12 human embryos. The “Mother” is capable of incubating the embryos and truly be their mother.

Father preparing a headstone in Season 1
“Father” preparing a headstone in Season 1

From there they have run ins with the native wildlife and the Mithraic settlers who have also found the same world as they flee the dying Earth.

Mithraic settlers

How to describe this one to someone who hasn’t seen it yet and is wondering if they should invest their time? It’s enigmatic. Ridley Scott clearly does have a hand in driving the story… it continues his blend of the past is the future / the chicken and the egg kind of thing… oh you’ll know what I mean if you watch it into season 2.

Anyone else watching it? You can see it on Binge here in Australia. HBO Max elsewhere I believe.

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