I’m Agog

It's a flower


Definition: Very eager or curious to hear or see something.
There’s a weird thing that happens in my brain, and I’m sure it happens to everyone… right?

Some words just stick out whenever we hear them… and for me “agog” is one of them.

I feel it first knowingly echoed my lexicon when I was working at a gym in Burwood, NSW.

One of the owners of the gym, Gen, clearly learned it form a word-a-day calendar and it was used so often in a short time… she was “agog” at everything for days thereafter.

It probably didn’t help that she used it during an outburst at the sales staff when sales were down… and then had to explain the word to the 20-somethings at whom she was yelling.

I likely had heard it, or read it, in passing prior to that time, but as with all things memory, it was probably Gen’s emotion attached to its delivery which saw it stick firmly in my memory.

And this morning I was watching an episode of the Apple TV+ show “Severance” and it was uttered and I was taken right back to that moment in time… for some it is smells and sounds… so I’m just wondering if people also have the same reaction to words that I do?

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