Toilet Paper Crisis 2020

Toilet Paper Plan B

I know it’s weird but we are a two kinds of toilet paper house. I get mine from Who Gives a Crap, they are a great company who use 50% of their profits to build sanitation in communities around the world that need access to it. David doesn’t really like the toilet paper, so he buys more commercial product.

Last week we were at the shop and David was like “I need some toilet paper, I’m running low.” but we were already near the checkout and he was like, “I’ll get it next time”.

Then this week came… and there was no more toilet paper to be had anywhere.

Fears that COVID-19, as the Novel Coronavirus 2019 has come to be known, has come to Australia has started a rapid growth of mass hysteria.

Even Costco is completely out of stock and the Woolworths at Docklands seems to be hoarding some because we saw a guy walking through with a 4-pack and got a bit excited we might be able to score… but the shelf was completely empty!

While we were standing, staring at the massive empty shelf, the same guy we saw walking through the store came back with his bounty, and walked through the doors to go out the back of the store, clearly an employee. So I’m guessing they are keeping some stock back.

Thankfully, I still have about 12 rolls left. David is almost out, looks like he’s going to have to switch until the hysteria calms down.

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